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* [[Pedicure|Giving yourself a low cost Pedicure]]
* [[Pedicure|Giving yourself a low cost Pedicure]]

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This an overview of Foot Fetish and its' associated fetishes

Sight, smell (olfactophilia) and/or touch (hyphephilia) may play a key role in the attraction to the object but there is no agreement as yet to the exact aetiology of fetishism. These behaviors are often cloaked in shame and guilt and it is unlikely many people would encourage conversation about their particular interest. Many experts to believe fetishism and retifism are phenomena of post-industrial society, but anecdotal information of foot binding in the orient would dispel this myth.

Note: While ingestion of small quantities of boot polish maybe harmless, boot lickers do run a small risk of contracting amoebic bacterial and possibly other infections from street dirt. This is increased when the soles are licked.

Related topics

Love of needles: as related to foot fetishists; aichmophiliacs encourage needles to be inserted into or under toenails
A form of Retifism (shoe fetish) but specific to high heels
A sexual attraction to people who are not wearing footwear. Historically, lack of shoes was often associated with submission before authority, and with servants and slaves.
A form of foot beating punishment. A victim is gently and rhythmically beaten with a lightweight stick or bamboo on the soles of the feet. Continued bastinado may result in uncontrollable hysteria and eventual mental collapse
Leg fetish
A form of foot beating punishment. In the extreme, person is laid face down on an upside-down table with their legs bent at the knees. Their feet are then tied to the table legs, then the foot is beaten with a rod or cudgel. (believed to have origins in Turkey)
systematic foot beating, usually consensual wherein the person receiving the beating may use safewords.
Clinical definition/description of foot fetishism
Like Foot Fetish, but it is associated more with shoes than feet.
Pleasure from tasting body salts; during the Belle Epoch it became common place to drink Champagne from the slipper of a female companion.
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