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A flogger (from the verb to flog) can be:

  • A disciplinarian who flogs, i.e. administers a flogging as a physical punishment, or in BDSM;
  • A multi-tongue whipping implement specially made to use for such fetish and/or erotic BDSM flogging, usually of the cat o' nine tails -, scourge- or martinet-type, and often so called, but often made more decorative (e.g. colourful) and sometimes in less cruel materials than tough leather, such as soft-fibred cord; a miniature version for male genitorture is called ball whip.
  • It is also the name for a series of Russian fighter aircraft

Spanking furniture  •  Spanking implements  •  Spanking positions

Flat spanking implements

Stick-like spanking implements
Other spanking implements

Whipping implements include

Some spanking implements produce more "sting" while others produce more "thud".
See sting and thud for more on this distinction.


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