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Fling magazine was published by Relim Publishing in Mill Valley, California.

Table of Contents

Fling Number 001
"Passport to Pleasure" (Svenska Sexka) by Eric Sommers, "The Sex Test" by Eugene Troobnick, "Sherades", "The Game of Love" by William Murray, "Fling Folio"
Fling Number 002
Glamour photographer John Xavier
Fling Number 003 (1957) - Special Collector's Edition
Pat Morris, Sisi photographed by Georg Michalke.
Fling Number 004 (1957)
Lyn Shaw photographed by Georg Michalke, Barbara Karwath, Sophia Loren
Fling Number 005 (1957)
Jackie Miller photographed by Bunny Yeager, Rita Richards, Donalda Jordan photographed by Russ Meyer.
Fling Number 006 (1958)
Lili Carina photographed by Roland Carre, Kelly Green photographed by Arnold Rubenstein.
Fling Number 7 (1958)
Dolly Bell photographed by Leo Fuchs, Candy Barr photographed by Keith Bernard, Shirley Small photographed by John E. Wilson.
Fling Number 8 (1958)
No data available
Fling Number 9 (1958)
Greta Thyssen, Madeline Castle photographed by Arnold Rubenstein.
Fling Number 10
No data available
Fling Number 11 (1959)
Anna Marie Bauman photographed by Leo Fuchs, Hope Hathaway photographed by Russ Meyer, Valerie Rogers, Terry Dunne
Fling Number 12 (1959)
Shane Lorrie photographed by Eva Grant, Paula Page, Gina Sophia photographed by Henri Boussard.
Fling Number 13 (1959)
Julie Jordan (interview and photos), Jean Jani photographed by Ron Vogel, Virginia De Lee, Sandy Lane photographed by Russ Meyer.
Fling Number 14 (1959)
Janet Dane, Virginia Gordon photographed by Russ Meyer, Oscar Wilde (article), June Wilkinson, Freddi Robbins
Fling Number 15 (1959)
Caren Castro, Humphrey Bogart (article), Bambi Hamilton photographed by Keith Bernard, Zsa Zsa Gabor (Sensual photos, not nude), Rosa Dolmai.
Fling Number 16
No data available
Fling Number 17 (1960)
Gwen Verdon, Lori Walsh, Antia Ekberg, Cleo Moore, Sandy Lane, Anna Marie Bauman, Paula Page, Caren Castro, Joan
Fling Number 18
No data available
Fling Number 19
No data available
Fling Number 20
No data available


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A Personal Note from Robin

Fling Magazine did an article about The BackDrop Club. It is available at: http://www.backdrop.net/history/fling1.htm


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