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This scholarly review of various methods and procedures used by suc- cessful dominatrices to achieve the ultimate goal of their vocation is de- signed to provide a flexible formula for the beginning practitioner of male subjugation.


Fetish Times , No. 3, 1973

We live in an age of liberation - women's lib, men's, even homosexuals' - and as a result of all the movements, our own attitudes have become liberated as well. Every day people are trying things they never dared before. One difficulty of this growing awareness is the lack of suitable instruction -available for people wishing to broaden their horizons. This article is intended to solve that problem in one area, to give people who wish to try something new a background in the ideas and techniques that have been devised and developed by others, and which may serve to make their own experimentation more enjoyable.

"My husband is my slave," says one dominant woman. "There is no question about it." And the fact that there is no question in her mind is the reason why her husband lives in a state of constant submission. If a woman wishes to dominate a man, whether out of her own desires or because her mate is masochistic, she must always display absolute confidence. Any male with submissive tendencies will respond to this show of authority immediately. The youngest, most delicate woman can completely overpower the burliest male if she carries out her attack with an air of total assurance. She presents her passive partner with the most devastating commands — but she presents her orders with the attitude that she has no doubt they will be carried out. The man will obey them because it is his nature to obey the orders of someone — anyone — who appears to be stronger than himself," even when the person giving orders is a fragile young woman. It is not the voice giving the orders that makes him obedient; it is the orders themselves.


The rest is illusion, to make the scene more realistic. The woman smiles cruelly, laughs at his plight, glares at him from heavily made-up eyes because the game demands that the players play their roles to the fullest. As we have said, the subjugated_male^will obey any order, but it is more tormenting if he is made to feel genuinely inferior, and if the dominant woman can feel as though she is really the mistress of a defenseless slave. The masochist will obey because it is his need to obey. The fetishist, on the other hand, will obey because he will go to any extreme to have his fetish fulfilled. A man who lusts after spike-heeled shoes (and a vast number of men do) will endure any humiliation to be allowed contact with the object of his desire.


"My husband," says one woman who, while disliking pain as a form of punishment, takes an intense delight from inflicting the severest mental anguish on a man, "has an absolutely insane craving to play with my boots, to touch them, even to kiss them. And they don't even have to be on my legs: In fact, I can tie him to a chair, make him sit there helplessly, and just casually lay one boot in his naked lap, and he goes crazy. Just one touch of my boot on his cock is enough to make him come. "It's amazing," the woman continues, "what he will go through to get what he wants. One of my favorite games is to tie his hands behind him, tie his feet together and make him lie naked on the floor. I'll stand right near him, wearing my sexiest spike-heeled boots, and then I'll tell him he has permission to kiss them. He'll crawl forward, trying to reach my leather toes, and I'll take a-small step backward. I've made him crawl around for half an hour sometimes, making him cry with frustration at being unable to catch the boots he wants so badly. There's no degradation he won't endure willingly, just to be touched by my boots—and there's no degradation I haven't made him endure.",


So we see how man's simple desire can beturned into a weapon by a woman who wishes to subjugate him. The cruel smile, the arched eyebrow, the firm step, all take their toll on the ego of the submissive male. As an experienced dominatrix points out, "Once I've established a man's submissive nature, and demonstrated to him that he is inferior to me, he will accept any order. He'll do anything I command— as long as I command it, and not simply ask. This ranges from basic things like brushing my hair to more demanding ones like making him embarrass himself in public in any number of ways. Once he's accepted me as someone who gives orders, he accepts all of my orders as something to be obeyed immediately and without question." But how does the dominatrix prove her mastery in the first place? There are any number of ways. If the man is a masochist, the task is easy: give him an order and he will obey it out of his own need to be commanded. If he's not submissive by nature, the job is more challenging, but as numerous dominant girls report, it's much more satisfying when a strong, dynamic male has been reduced to a state of subjugation.


"Every man," says one girl who earns her living catering to the tastes of submissive males, has seme sexual hangup, and all you have to do to control him is find that one weakness. It can be a certain kind of touch, a certain sensation, perhaps even a particular fetish, but whatever it is, it will turn him on, and as every girl knows, once you have a man begging for satisfaction, he's yours, to do with as you please." This girl points out such masculine weaknesses as being violently aroused by simple caresses on the back of the neck, or on the legs or ears. A man may be ticklish — tickling does arouse most people to one degree or another, and the man who is especially turned on by it will leap almost instantly to a state of total arousal. The fetishist is the easiest to deal with in this area, since he is sexually conditioned to respond to a certain kind of stimulus. All the dominatrix needs to do with a foot fetishist, for instance, is to appear before him wearing spike-heeled boots. He will be on his knees before she can give the command. Another method, but one less widely used, is to somehow render the man helpless, as through the use of liquor or drugs, and then tying or handcuffing him before he can regain his senses.


Whatever technique is used to gain control, there is one important next step. One dominant wife puts it this way: "There is nothing as tractable as a naked man. When a man is — for any reason — nude in front of a fully dressed girl, it is like Samson after Delilah cut his hair. He loses all his power, all his resistance. It's astonishing how submissive a man becomes when he's put in this position. Even when he's only threatened with being stripped, the effect is the same. It's delightful to have a man bound, and then just unzip his fly. He knows that he's going to be naked soon, and he begins begging and pleading for his mistress to leave him clothed. She does — for a while, to make his fear last longer — but in the end, she must strip him. It's a sort of non-injurious form of castration, as though the woman is saying 'I've taken your pants, and I could just as easily have taken your cock.' The man seems to understand this without it being spoken, and the effect is the same as though I'd chopped off his cock — except that we can still have our fuck when he's finally untied."


Like most dominant girls, this one uses bondage quite a bit. Although a man can be reduced to a state of utmost servility, he still has the sense of freedom when he is able to use his hands and feet. He still knows that, if his mistress were to attempt something he didn't really desire, he could defend himself. Bondage eliminates this, turning the man into a totally helpless slave, entirely at the woman's m'ercy. This increases the woman's sense of superiority as well as the man's masochistic feelings. The methods of bondage are varied. Most commonly, they entail the use of ropes and handcuffs, which are easily available to enthusiasts. Other : items, specially designed for bondage fans, have lately come onto the market, and these include such diverse equipment as leather straps secured with locking buckles, thumb cuffs, latex and vinyl paraphernalia, even straitjackets. There is no limit to the experimentation that can be. used to find the most painful, the most degrading positions in a bondage session. Dominant women employ techniques ranging from the most elaborate — in which a man may be trussed absolutely motionless, suspended from the ceiling — to the simples — in which a bondage-oriented masochist is made to suffer the indignity of being led around the room by a leash-rope tied to his balls, with no other form of bondage accompanying it. Whether the methods used are elaborate or symbolic depends entirely on the personalities and desires of those participating.


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