Fantastic Adventures

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Fantastic Adventures
September 1947 edition (Vol. 9, No. 5) of Fantastic Adventures]]
Editor Raymond A. Palmer
Howard Browne
ISSN unknown

Fantastic Adventures was a fantasy and science fiction magazine published in the United States from 1939 to 1953. The pulp magazine began as a companion publication to Amazing Stories, but following its demise, was absorbed by Fantastic magazine in 1954.


The magazine was founded by editor Raymond A. Palmer in 1939 as a companion to Amazing Stories and was initially published in a large size format to emulate the early Amazing Stories magazines. The magazine was published by the Ziff-DavisPublishing Company, then headquarted in Chicago, Illinois.

Fantastic Adventures published much light, "frothy" fantasy in its early years, but by the late 1940s was printing much the same material as its companion, only more fantastic in vein.

At one stage in the very early 1940s, the magazine nearly ceased publication. Some stories featured in the magazine around 1950-1951 were of literary importance, but the story quality dropped considerably in its final year of publication.

Fantastic Adventures' position as a companion publication to Amazing Stories was taken by Fantastic.

Partial list of notable story contributors

  • Eando Binder - "The Man Who Saw Too Late", September, 1939
  • Robert Bloch - "Lefty Feep and the Racing Robot", April, 1943
  • Nelson S. Bond - "The Far Side of Nowhere|The Man Who Weighed Minus Twelve", March, 1940
  • Ray Bradbury - "Tomorrow and Tomorrow", May, 1947
  • L. Sprague de Camp - "The Eye of Tandyla", May, 1951
  • Alfred Coppel - "The Brain that Lost its Head", June, 1951
  • Paul W. Fairman - "The Man Who Stopped at Nothing", November, 1951
  • Randall Garrett - "Come Along with Me", September, 1947
  • L. Ron Hubbard - "The Masters of Sleep", October, 1950
  • Fritz Leiber - "You're All Alone", July, 1950
  • John D. MacDonald - "The Vanguard of the Lost", May, 1950
  • Stephen Marlowe (as Milton Lesser) - "Anything Your Heart Desires", November, 1951
  • William P. McGivern - "The Travelling Brain", March, 1952
  • Rog Phillips - "Detour from Tomorrow", March, 1950
  • Mack Reynolds - "Isolationist", April, 1950
  • Theodore Sturgeon - "Excalibur and the Atom", August, 1951
  • Richard Sharpe Shaver - "The Tale of the Last Man", July, 1946
  • Dwight V. Swain - "Henry Horn's Super-Solvent", November, 1941
  • Carl Tanzler|Karl Tanzler Von Cosel - "The Secret of Elena's Tomb", September, 1947
  • William Tenn - "The Last Bounce", September, 1950
  • Robert Moore Williams - "Jongor of Lost Land", October, 1940

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