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Cover art for a Taschen art book title called "All-American Ads 1930s".

F/M is an abbreviation used in spanking art to signify an artwork or story that features an adult female spanker and an adult male spankee. It could be, for example, a wife/husband or a historic mistress/servant scene. Besides spanking for discipline, adult spankings in art and literature are also often erotic spankings in sexual context.

In such spankings, the male generally removes his pants, underpants, etc. to bare his buttocks for spanking. The male will take a position, perhaps over his partner's thighs. This may arouse feelings of humiliation in the spankee, especially if the spanker is his wife or significant other. Such scenes often are called domestic discipline.

F/M is man spanking art.

In the drawing on the left a young man undergoes a humiliating spanking at the hands of a much older woman in authority (a mother, stepmom, aunt or other guardian)in front of female peers (sisters, cousins, family friends etc) His embarrassment is hugely increased by his lower body being denuded (probably by the spanker).
Humiliation is an integral part of the broader topic of spanking. Humiliation can also cause sexual arousal with both parties, and be especially obvious in the male. Sexual tension stemming from humiliation or lack of control could be intensified with a greater age difference between the spanker and spankee, example if the male is in his twenties or thirties and the female is in her sixties or even seventies. This type of sexual arousal does not depend on the promise of "sex to follow" to occur.

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