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The terms exotic dancer and exotic dance can have different meanings in different parts of the world and depending on context.

Mata Hari, an exotic dancer


In a non-erotic sense, the word "exotic" applies to the fact that something is out of the ordinary or perceived by spectators as unusual. It can also apply to those dancers who master a rare or largely lost art form, including Mevlevi (whirling dervishes), shaman dancers and religious dancers.

The term "exotic dancer" can also apply to any striptease performer in a strip club or gentlemen's club.


There are two main types of exotic dancer seen in strip clubs: feature dancers and house dancers. Feature dancers make feature appearances at clubs all over the world; house dancers work for a particular strip club or franchise. Porn stars often earn extra income as feature dancers.

A third type of exotic dancer or stripper performs at private engagements, such as bachelor parties, and may or may not work in a club at all.


The origin of the erotic interpretation is similar to that of the term massage parlor, in that a description for a non-sexual service was co-opted to describe a sexual service.

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