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Erotic spanking is the practice of spanking another for the sexual gratification of either or both parties. Erotic spanking can be regarded as a form of BDSM activity in some cases (sadomasochism in particular), although many spanking devotees do not regard it as such.

Many spankings are carried out with the use of bare hands, or with spanking implements such as hairbrush, paddle, belt, cane, riding crop, whip, switch, birch, gloves, a ruler or martinet (see Category:Spanking implements). Erotic spankings are most commonly combined with sexual foreplay, oral sex, sexual intercourse, sexual role playing and/or ageplay. The most common type of erotic spanking is administered on the bare buttocks, with the spankee in many cases being fully nude, for additional sexual arousal, or for humiliation (but mainly in a BDSM context). Bondage is also combined occasionally with erotic spankings, to heighten sexual arousal and feelings of helplessness of the spankee, but is very common in BDSM relationships.

Positions for spanking

  • See page on Spanking for a list of positions.

When men spank women, they may sometimes like them to dress up as a schoolgirl, or to role play the part of a "daughter", "secretary", "nurse", "maid" and other roles (and then proceed to lower the panties <if any> before administering the spanking). Men who enjoy being spanked (whether giving or receiving) may like women to wear some combination of a skirt, high heels, garter belt, nylons, and fancy panties; if the women are the spanker, men may enjoy women who dress and act superior, and dress the part of a sexually dominant female dominatrix, and also may involve the spanker role-playing the part of a strict teacher, headmistress, governess, boss, nurse, babysitter or wife.

Those interested in giving or receiving erotic spankings are sometimes (rarely) known as spankophiles or spankos. Examples include the poet Algernon Swinburne and the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

A few people with a sexual interest in spanking draw on historical corporal punishment techniques used in homes, schools, courts or prisons. However they are generally careful to distinguish their consensual sexual activities from their views of child-rearing, education and public policy. Punishment spankings and erotic spankings are easy to to separate, as punishment spanking usually involve the spankee experiencing medium to extreme physical discomfort or pain in the administration of the spanking, sometimes to the point of crying, which in the context of domestic discipline, is a form of emotional release and behavioral modification, and/or mental/physical control over the spankee by the spanker.


Despite contrary notions, spanking can often be found with people who were never spanked as a child, often coming out later in life as repressed role playing/wish fulfillment.

These paraphilia can take on many varieties. In the erotic literature of this type, spanking is seen as natural as a reflex as sitting on a chair or making dinner. Other types include "spanking between friends", "parent-child spankings", "sibling spanking" and authoritarian school discipline spankings.

Spanking enthusiasts often keep at hand (privately) a variety of spanking implements such as paddles, whips, belts, etc; infrequently, these implements will also be kept on display (such as hanging together on a wall) as in the unusual, but not completely uncommon practice for a spanking paddle to be hung on display in the parents' bedroom as a continuing reminder to the children of potential punishment, when in fact it is primarily used for erotic paddlings given by one spouse to the other. (Paddles intended for actual punishment of children are not infrequently hung on display in some other area of the house <such as a hall or study>, or occasionally even in the child's own room.)

Playful non-erotic spanking

Sometimes spanking is done in a playful manner that is neither a form of punishment nor is it intended as an erotic act. A tradition that often begins with childhood and can continue to adulthood is a "birthday spanking". This type of spanking is most often associated with a birthday celebration during which sometimes the person celebrating the birthday is spanked playfully, one time for each year of their life - and then some more "to be good on and to grow on," sometimes also "for luck and for love." It is not meant to hurt or overly humiliate the spanked party (although sometimes a paddle is used, and occasionally it is given on the bare bottom). Often the act is also associated with sports participants, who congratulatorily slap one another on the bottom.

It is a common practice in the United States for a stripper to spank the groom-to-be during his bachelor party, while his drunk friends cheer her on. This can be done either on the stage at a strip club or by a stripper or strippers hired for a private bachelor party.

More rarely, at her wedding shower a bride-to-be is given a "gag gift" such as a pair of pink panties that say "Remove before spanking" on the back; and her friends may threaten to have her "try them out" (by having them spank or paddle her) to "see how they work." Similarly, the groom may as a gag be given a paddle with step-by-step "How to spank your wife" instructions painted on it.

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Erotic spanking is a human sexual behavior where spanking acts as a foreplay to increase sexual arousal and will often lead to sexual intercourse. Erotic spanking can be any pairing - M/F, F/M, M/M or F/F, but M/M and F/F is typically only found in homosexual couples whereas M/F and F/M is common with heterosexuals.

The earliest mention of erotic spanking dates to approximately the Renaissance, but it did not become too well known until the Victorian era. Sexually-motivated spanking and whipping was called The English Vice in those days.


Buttocks are erogenous zones; as the sexual arousal nerves in the buttocks are buried in a layer of fat and require harder stimulation to trigger them. Spankings of an irregular rhythm in slow pace add to the tension and increase sexual arousal. Erotic spanking also often includes touching the spankee's inner thighs occasionally, and slightly brushing with your fingers near his/her anus and genitals will definitely add sensation.

While a spanker is able to stimulate a spankee to climax from an erotic spanking, he knows his/her partner's symptoms of sexual arousal and can judge when the time is right to switch from spanking to sexual intercourse.

A secret spanking partnership may create a domestic bond between husband and wife. For example, the husband who asks to be spanked or caned in their home. Another example, the husband who knows his wife wants to be spanked on the labia.

Erotic spanking, spanking fetishism and BDSM

More formal forms of erotic spanking are common among spanking fetishists. Erotic spanking of this kind is generally regarded as a BDSM activity, although many spanking fetishists don't consider themselves sadomasochists because their fetish is on spanking only and not on typical BDSM style activities.

Those interested in giving or receiving erotic spankings are sometimes known as spankophiles or spankos, a term that is often considered synonymous to spanking fetishists, but includes also people for whom spanking is more sensation play than a sexual fetish, and people who never act out spanking in real life but fantasize about it. Examples of celebrity spankophiles include the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) and the poet Algernon Swinburne (1837-1909).

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