Erika Nagai

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Erika Nagai
Erika Nagai.jpg

Background information
Alias(s): Saori Fujimoto,
Fujimoto Sayuri,
Moriguchi Saori,
Yuna Ayumi
Birthdate: September 27, 1980
Location: Japan
Height: 5' 3" (160 cm)
Measurments: 34D-23-34 (87-59-86 cm)
Natural bust: Yes
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Ethnicity: Japanese
Blood: O

This article is about a Japanese porn star

Erika Nagai (永井絵理香, aka: 永井絵里香 and 長井絵理香 - Nagai Erika) is a Japanese AV (Adult Video) actress.


Erika Nagai is well-known for her work with the Japanese AV company SOD (Soft on Demand), most of which feature her as an aggressive karate martial artist performer, catfighting against colleagues Ayukawa Shinobu and Miyama Chiharu or using her abilities and brute force against male performers. Her first role for SOD was that of a school teacher sexually harassed by her students. It is rumored that she has retired from the SOD company, though according to the FantaDream company, she is still active in movie productions.

She has also had a prolific career with independent companies, for which she has performed with several other stage-names, including:

  • Fujimoto Saori (藤本さおり, in full kanji = 藤本佐織 also 藤本沙緒里) and (藤森さおり although this name means Fujimori Saori).- This is her most-used alias, and it is rumored to be her real name. In Korean (Hangul) it would be (후지모토 사오리).
  • Fujimoto Sayuri.
  • Moriguchi Saori (森口さおり).
  • Yuna (ユナ).
  • Ayumi (あゆみ).
  • Her name written in Hangul (Korean) is: (에리카 나가이).

One of her stunts is using her martial arts knowledge in order to break 2 walnuts with her bare hands. There are detractors however who say that this is nothing more than a trick using special effects, props, fake or weakened walnuts.

Despite her image as an athletic woman, in one of her videos titled Fascination, she is seen eating fast food (an Egg McMuffin) for breakfast.

In her SOD videos, she shows pride in her muscles, though in her indy works she appears to have a more "girl next door" look. It seems she now keeps on doing "indy" works, rather than with mainstream companies like SOD.

Her compliation video Fighting like Athena is considered a Horror of Porn by the Something Awful website. This video was a top seller at the J-List store, as it is now sold-out. She is highly admired by this store's staff, who compare her to the actress Ryoko Hirosue. She is also compared with Fumie Nakajima (中島史恵) and fellow AV star Mirai Hoshizaki.

She appears in the US production Tokyo Young Babes #12 and #17 from the FantaDream company, using her Saori Fujimoto alias.

In 2001, it was published that she had two years of martial arts experience, giving her a total of seven year experience to date. It was also mentioned that she is a black belt in karate, but does not specify her degree; some speculations suggest that if her black belt is indeed real, then there is the chance she got it at a McDojo and her techniques are bullshido. These detractors believe that her image as a a tough, female expert martial artist is nothing more than a gimmick to please "tough women" fetish fans. If she were truly an expert then she would not had any trouble in overcoming her unskilled male rivals on the Lady Karate Fighter VS Rape Maniacs (SDDM-003) video. It was in that video, where she was trained by Japanese wrestler Abdullah Kobayashi (aka Yosuke Kobayashi), who later performed the role of referee during the matches of the girls vs the rapists (one of them got slammed by Kobayashi himself, as the rapist grabbed Erika and slammed her). It is possible that Erika's "fighting" videos are staged.

Her popularity was given a boost in February 2006, after the Mainichi Daily News published an article focusing on the strong-woman fetish entitled "Brutal 'martial art' babes pummel porno pipsqueaks." While Miss Nagai is not mentioned in the original article, she was added in articles derived from it, such one in the Asian Sex Gazette website, the Italian blog part of the Libero community and on the website BigO.

Physical distinctions

In Japan, some people find Erika Nagai to look scary, yet sensual. They describe her eyes to be "devilish," demonic eyes; and see her face as similar to a noh mask.

Her veins can be seen in both her left cheek and breast.

Miss Nagai has tan lines left either by her underwear (bra and panties), or a two piece swimsuit. This could mean that Miss Nagai enjoys tannings.

Rumored projects

If Fujimoto Saori is her true name; then this could be confirmation to the rumor that she has a cameo on the film Kanzen-naru shiiku - Ai no 40-nichi (Perfect Education 2: 40 Days of Love) (完全なる飼育 愛の40日).

There is a rumor that her final work with SOD, would have been a video along with Morishita Kurumi as her co-star. But it seems that it was never made due to many unclear speculations; like injuries and some problems with director Dogma.

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