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Equus Eroticus is a bondage magazine published by MPProductions

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www.equuseroticus.com website

Whether you enjoy human ponies for show, riding or pulling a cart, you are a person who will enjoy receiving EQUUS EROTICUS Magazine. This magazine is your entrance into the exciting world of human ponies. EQUUS EROTICUS is devoted exclusively to ponygirls and boys. Each issue contains color and black & white photos, letters, original illustrations, and articles as well as original fiction and real life stories. Readers are encouraged to submit photos, stories, letters and articles about human ponies, or their experiences with human ponies, to this publication.

We have devoted this magazine exclusively to the fetish of human ponyplay and to ponygirls and ponyboys. In addition, this magazine is a forum for men and women who are linked together by the desire to use human ponies as an expression of erotic pleasure. Having one partner assume the role of a human pony while the other partner assumes the role of trainer, rider or handler and controls the role playing scenario of this highly erotic activity, can be a very exciting part of this fetish. There are several types of pony play in this fetish: show ponies, cart ponies and riding ponies. Riding ponies can be of the shoulder-mount type, piggy-back two-legged style, or four-legged, either on hands & knees or using arm-extensions. This magazine is devoted to all types of human ponies and to the different sexual gender combinations that exist. The human pony fetish is different things to different people and this magazine features many of these exciting styles. The purpose of this magazine is not to depict men and women as subordinate to one another, but rather as complementary to each other. Both men and women can play the role of the human pony or the trainer, and many couples switch roles and develop new ideas as they act out their fantasies.

The basis behind EQUUS EROTICUS Magazine and the erotic world of human ponies is that of MUTUAL CONSENT between ADULTS. Safety of the human pony is extremely important and a safe word or signal from the pony, discussed and agreed to ahead of time between the partners, is an absolutely essential requirement. If the human pony uses the safe word or signal during the role playing session, the controlling partner must stop and assess the situation. No one has the right to force another person into any scene if they choose not to participate.

All activities related to using a human pony can be very physically demanding and the handler of a human pony must respect the limitations and wishes of the role playing pony. The human pony should have total trust in the handler and the handler must never physically abuse or go over the line. Severe physical injury can occur if safe role playing practices are not followed. Please be careful if you choose to participate in this activity.

This is definitely not a politically correct publication. However, as Trainers and Riders we always treat human ponies with respect and dignity. Nor do we look down on a human pony or mistreat them. The ponygirl or ponyboy actually is an equal partner in this fetish. In this fantasy the pony and handler, through role playing, both achieve a great deal of exotic pleasure from this extremely erotic fetish. Used as a form of foreplay this erotic activity can result in a special physical intimacy between loving persons. Relationships can be improved and love heightened when this erotic activity is used in a caring and trusting way.

Readers of EQUUS EROTICUS Magazine must remember that the activities presented in these pages are not meant to offend, abuse, demean, exploit or in any way take advantage of one sex over another. The activity depicted in this publication is of mutual consent and between ADULTS over the age of 21. With the support of Readers such as yourself, this publication will succeed in bringing together people with a common interest, their love of human ponies.

We sincerely hope that our Readers will enjoy the fantasies this magazine contains and if you have any suggestions, ideas, comments, stories, photos, illustrations etc. please feel free to E-mail us at EQUUSEROTICUS@aol.com

Sincerely, the Editor & Publishers of EQUUS EROTICUS Magazine.

EQUUS EROTICUS Magazine is incorporated in the state of MD, where it is also published and printed


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