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This article is titled
Legends of Dominance
by Mistress Michelle Peters et al.
and posted with permission
(All information herein is provided by author)

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Mistress Carla

From Mistress Michelle Speaks Out , Aug 6, 1984

This is really hard for me to say, but earlier this year, Mistress Carla of Florida was arrested on five counts of prostitution. It seems that she was visited by a person who claimed to be a slave. Later it turned out he was working with the police. Two days later the police broke Mistress Carla's door in and presented a search warrant and confiscated all her bondage equipment. At the time, she was not seeing anyone nor was she ever doing sex for money. Nevertheless, because of her dungeon, she was charged with prostitution. Many of you know I never mention these kinds of things in my columns, but her case is important because the state of Florida plans to use this case as a precedent for further cases. If you would like to donate to her legal fund, her address is listed at the end of my column. Till next month, be good!

Oct 15, 1984

Mistress Carla of Florida is still having her bout with the law. She says her trial will cost $20,000 and will set a precedent for the state of Florida concerning B&D and S/M. I will let you know the outcome.

Saga of Mistress Carla
From Corporal Newspaper, April 1986

Saturday evening Rita was meeting with the owners of the Bahamian outer island and the mansion thereon that would be used to entertain the slaves who flew down to visit their telephone Dominas. The new sex phone ladies were about ready for action and they all looked forward to hooking a wealthy slave who they'd entice down to visit them on "Slave Island" as they'd taken to calling the little, 3-mile island off the coast of Nassau. In the meantime, Mistress Carla had scheduled a meeting with her slaves in the labor pool for that same evening.

"It is all well and good to open up new horizons," she had said, "but the old, faithful slaves must be seen to as-well."

Carla told her sub-Mistresses that they would be working on developing stronger stocking fetishes among the slaves and gave them detailed instructions on what to wear for the meeting.

At eight o'clock Saturday night, in the slave warehouse, Mistress Carla was seated majestically in her throne with her sub-Mistresses gathered about her. The slaves were spread out before her in the position of supplication, on their knees, their foreheads touching the concrete floor, and their arms and hands stretched out before them.

'"I have the report of exceptional workers, the acceptable workers and the laggards among you as reported by your Mistresses, "said Mistress Caria "First I'll read off the numbers of the laggards, those who have failed to work suffiently hard in their positions of servitude for their Supreme Mistress." Little cries and pleadings came from those who heard their numbers read out. "There is no use in pleading or begging for forgiveness now, little fools," said the Domina. "Your failure to give your all for your owner and Supreme Mistress will be rewarded with a trip to the meat rack. Once hung by your feet, you will stay until the termination of this meeting, at which time I will decide how many lashes you will receive for your insolence. See to it ladies," said Caria, waving her hand toward the supplicant slaves. "Hang them there to reflect upon their sins." There were more whimpering pleas as the sub-Mistresses moved among the slaves, took hold of the offenders and dragged them toward the long iron pipe with hooks every four feet to accommodate the raw meat that would be hung there. "My mood at the end of this meeting will determine the severity of your punishment, little fools," said Carla as the shackles were attached to their legs and they were lifted and hung on the hooks to dangle like slabs of beef.

"From 10 to 50 lashes, my helpless little slaves," said the Domina, crossing her black, nylon-clad legs. "And I'll choose the instrument with which to apply your lashes as well... perhaps my lovely bullwhip, Vixen. You've seen that lovely lady chew the flesh off an offending slave before, haven't you, my bad little boys?" The rattling of chains ceased as the last slave was hung in place. "Have a pleasant evening, slaves, we will attend to you in a few hours." After dealing with the poor workers, putting them aside, Carla read the numbers of the exceptional workers and had them gather in a semi-circle at her feet. The others, the acceptable workers were told to assume the kneeling position, with their hands up, facing their Supreme Mistress.

"Tonight, gentlemen, we will be discussing the beauty and power of my-lady's stockings and the effect these fluttery whisps of material have on the poor, simple, male animal, especially those males who are afflicted by a need to be controlled and enslaved by the superior force in the universe... the Dominant Woman. Many of you already have a strong stocking fetish, others a fascination, if not a fetish for my lady's stocking-clad limbs. No matter what your condition is at this time, by the end of the evening, we plan to strengthen and intensify your love for your Supreme Mistress' magnificent, black-stockinged legs and by doing this, I plan to bind you closer to your Beloved Bitch Goddess. I plan to teach you to love not only me, but to worship a very sensuous and erotic portion of my clothing." All eyes were on her crossed legs as she drew the hem of her red-leather skirt over her knees.

"My stockings, slaves," she said, running her hand over her knees, "my beautiful... my enticing...my irresistible, sheer black stockings. Behold them slaves... behold them in all their glory!"

There were gasps of admiration as the big Dominatrix held her leg high in the air and ran her hands slowly down its length. She smiled at the sounds of adulation. Slowly, she lowered her leg and swung it to the right until the tip of her gleaming spiked heel pointed to a particular slave kneeling in front of her.

"What were you going to be Thomas, before you succumbed to a life of slavery? Tell me, Thomas, you were well on your way to becoming a total stocking freak when you came to me?" The Mistress recrossed her leg and addressed the slave. "There was an incident in your childhood that set you on your path toward total slavery in my service. Tell us about it, 512. Tell us about your childhood."

"I...I was thirteen then," he said nervously, "when my father remarried. My step-mother was only nineteen, many years younger than my dad. She...she was beautiful in a rather cheap and obvious way. She was also moodly and extremely lazy, but I could say nothing to my father of a derogatory nature about her. If he said anything to her, she'd pout like a spoiled brat and she'd withhold sex from him completely. He couldn't stand not being able to touch her and she made it even more difficult by parading around either nude or wearing only the skimpiest bra and panties.

Sometimes she'd wear a pair of dark hose and high heels to torture my dad. When he saw her dressed like that, he'd go mad for her...he'd do anything she asked, he'd apologize for things he hadn't even done. He'd promise her gifts and trips and anything she wanted. I...I saw what she was doing to him, and one day I blew up. I called her a whore and a slut and whatever else I could think of." The slave held his face in his hands and began to cry.

"Go on with the story, Thomas," snapped Carla. "Finish it."

"Yes...yes, I'm sorry, Mistress Carla. She...she listened to my emotional outburst, then...then she simply sat down on the couch, and laughed...she laughed at me as though I was nothing...a nobody. When she'd finally stopped laughing, she told me I'd pay dearly for...for those things I'd said about her, and I did. She told my father and demanded that I be punished, that I be beaten with a strap."

"And your father beat you?" asked Mistress Carla.

"He...he made me take down my pants and my underpants and...and...he beat me with her...with that she devil standing there watching." The slave fought for control as he went on. "My dad would have stopped hitting me, but she'd yell at him and curse him as a weakling and make him continue. It was horrible. I was screaming. She was screaming...finally he couldn't take it anymore. He dropped the belt on the floor and fled upstairs, crying and sobbing. 'Poor baby,' I heard her say and then she reached down and lifted my face and pressed it against her legs. 'Poor baby hurts so bad...here baby, slide your face up between Darleen's warm, pretty thighs and cry, I understand!' she said, 'I understand.' I was so confused...I knew I should hate her but her voice was so soothing and I felt so warm and comforted with my face there between her soft warm thighs."

"Was she wearing her stockings, Thomas?" asked Carla. "Those dark stockings your father loved so much?" "Ye...yes, she was wearing them...she...she told me that I had gotten my tears on them then she told me to lick them off... to lick my tears off her new stockings."

"And did you like it, Thomas?" asked Carla. "Did you like the taste of those black, stockinged thighs? Did you love the feel of her nylons as you licked and sucked on them?"

"Oh God...oh God, I had never felt anything as nice... I began to go crazy... to chew on her. She slapped me then and warned me not to bite. She...she wasn't wearing any panties under her slip...she explained what she wanted me to do next. She...she...pushed my face up there and...and..."

"Never mind, honey," laughed Caria. "I think we know the rest." Tell me, Thomas, did you get along with your young step-mother after that?"

"I...I had no choice, she was too strong...I did anything she told me after that. I waited on her and ran errands for her and...and when she wanted...I'd do other things, sexual things for her. She would call me into her bedroom when she wanted to play. "Stockings darling," she would say, "two pairs." I'd crawl to her dresser and take out a new pair of nylons then this old pair she kept in the bottom drawer. She used to tie my hands and ankles with the old pair. Sometimes she'd tie me to the bedposts. "

She had the two attending slaves put their arms around her legs and touch their cocks to her calf. "You can't all be here to experience the exquisite feeling these two lucky slaves will feel as they touch their cocks to my beautiful, stocking-sheathed legs, but you can watch it. You can fantasize about being in their place.. Stocking slaves, I want you to burn the sight of them into your minds."" She felt the kneeling slaves' cocks grow. hard as they touched them to her legs.

"Your Mistresses will be walking among you," said Carla. "You'll notice they're dressed in flirty little skirts and they're wearing an exciting array of colorful spiked heels. Some have on sparkling little ankle bracelets...and all of them are wearing those lovely dark hose that we're talking about tonight." The Mistress told her two attending slaves to pump their cocks against her legs. "I want you to watch these two slaves. I want your attention glued on my legs. Your Mistresses are going to walk among you and display their lovely, erotic legs to you. Look at them, slaves, and look closely at those exciting, man-eating black stockings." She looked down at the two slaves rubbing their cocks against her legs.

"The Mistresses are going to let you look and they may even let you touch or lick their gorgeous silken legs. I want you excited. I want you on fire. I want you mad over the sight of our legs, of our stockings...stockings, little fools...think of nothing else, dream of them, fantasize about them...stockings, slaves, you'll go mad over the sight of them!" The sub-Mistresses moved amont them, letting them look, posing for them, lifting their skirts, then dropping them; letting the sex-starved creatures reach out and touch them... sometimes allowing a fortunate slave to touch or lick their gleaming legs.

"Pump, you assholes!" said Caria to her two slaves. "Your puny cocks are in heaven, they love my legs, they're mad about my stockigns-.-pump you fucking pansy assholes...fuck them, fuck my stockings...harder...harder fools. I want to feel those cocks on my legs." The men were in a frenzy now, as they clutched and pumped away on her legs. She began to beat them, to lash their back with her crop as she cursed them and urged them on. They hardly felt the pain. They were in another world now, like crazed animals they clutched and rubbed against her.

"Come now, fools!" she ordered, as she beat and lashed their naked backs. "Come for me. Come for my stockings...I want them wet... I want them soaked as you spill your manhood out on them. Come, you fucking assholes...NOW! NOW! I want to feel it now!" She heard them scream out and she watched their bodies jerk and shudder. She felt the warm, wet come spew out against her legs. They moaned and clutched tightly to her. Finally their heads fell forward to rest on her knees. They thanked her... they thanked her as if she had given them life itself. The big Dominant let them rest there a moment, then lifted their heads.

"Clean me," she ordered. "Lick your insides from my legs, you lowly, pathetic fools." The Mistress looked out over her slaves as the two wimps licked their come from gleaming black legs. She loved it...the worship and adoration she saw in their eyes...the power she had over them. Life was beautiful, she thought.'Life was a fucking ball. She kicked the cowering slaves away after they had cleaned her properly.

"You two," she said, pointing toward two more crouching slaves. "Come here to me and kneel at my feet." She looked out over the group. "Did you like that, babies? Did you put yourself in their place? Sit back on your heels, slaves, spread those legs farther apart. Oh, yes," she said, smiling, "oh my, yes, ladies. I think they enjoyed the show...look at those little cocks sticking up in the air. Don't touch now, babies. Keep your hands on your knees and we'll see if these two love Mistress Carla's sexy stockings as much as the first two." She snapped her fingers and the two slaves took their positions. She felt their hands clutching onto her and their rigid cocks touching her silken calves.

"You may begin now, slaves...that's good...that's my good little boys. Rub them...oh yes, pay homage to your Lady's big, beautiful legs." As they pumped away, she looked out over her stable of sex-starved slaves. The sub-Mistresses were strolling among them, flicking their skirts into their faces, showing off, teasing them with their enticing legs, touching, rubbing their rigid cocks with the tips of their crops. "That's good slaves," she said to the slaves kneeling before her. "Oh yes, I like that." She began to whip the back of one then the other. With the touch of the lash, their efforts increased. They pumped wildly, their faces twisted with pain and lust.

"Kiss each other," ordered Carla,

pushing their faces together. "That's it. That's my good little pansy boys. Get those tongues working. Pretend it's my cunt you're eating, that's it, that's good, let's see lots of tongue, you queer little pissants." She laughed as she cracked her whip across their sweating backs.

"Come now, animals," yelled Carla.

"Come, you horny, fucking assholes! Now, bathe my stockings with your come, you lowly pieces of shit...NOW...come now you assholes...NOW!"

Once again she felt the warmth of first one then the other's come flooding out over her silken legs. Caria leaned back and watched their twisting, jerking bodies. "Oh yes," she said. "I like that," She looked out over the crowd.

"Did you enjoy it? Did you enjoy the show?" She pushed the two slaves away.

"Back to your places, wimps," she said, lifting her right leg. "That was so much fun, but look, Mistress Carla has all this gooey, slave come on her pretty black stockings."

She pulled up her skirt to give them a better view of her stocking tops and the ruffled red garterbelt straps. "It's such a nasty job, but I need two slaves to lick this sticky goo off my pretty legs. Let's see the hands of the loving little slaves who want to lick and clean this nasty mess off my pretty new stockings." About half the hands went up as they stared at her come-coaked legs.

"Oh my," said Caria, "only half of you want to help your Mistress!" She lifted her leg high in the air and ran her hands slowly down her thigh. "I thought you all loved my sexy legs...oh my, they feel so good, so smooth, I know you want to help your Mistress." The others forgot their revulsion to the slave come as they stared at her big, gorgeous thighs. More hands went up. Finally every slave was raising his hand.

"That's better, much better," she said, bending her leg down. "Oh goodness, we've got some on the shoes now. I know you foot freaks would love to lick that off. Let's see now, who should I pick to help me?" She swung her leg slowly to the right then to the left. She stopped and pointed the spiked heel at one of the slaves in the first row.

"I think you, number 311 and your friend there number 212. Come along, babies, you were good hard workers. Crawl up here and serve your Holy Goddess." The others watched intently as the two slaves began to lick her legs. "I like that. I love the feel of a slave's strong tongue on my legs. Watch them now, babies. Think about it. Think about how nice Mistress Caria's long black stockings taste. You can play with yourselves now...go ahead, look at me. Look at your beautiful, Bitch Goddess, and pull on those little cocks."

The big Domina looked out over her stable. She leaned back and relaxed. She watched her sub-Mistresses moving among them, urging them on, lashing one, rubbing a leg against the frantic, sweating face of another. Carla guided one slave's face up under her thigh to lick her stocking seam. The other was licking her ankle and the heel of her shoe.

The slaves began to come now, their hot, frantic eyes glued to the legs of their Supreme Mistress. The groans, the whimperings, the crazed adoring eyes and sweating, twisting bodies. This is what it's all about, thought Caria. The money was certainly nice, but the power, the total power she had over all these worshipping slaves...she loved it. She needed it. She let them continue for about ten minutes, then she called for them to put their hands back on their knees. Some, who hadn't come, tried to keep going, but the sub-Mistresses brought their whips down on them, bringing them in lint*

"Well now, people, wasn't that fun? I think you all learned something about the power of your Mistress' sexy, black stockings." She stood and looked down at them.

"It's a pity I can't let all of you have a turn like these lucky slaves. But you did have a chance to see your Mistress' sexy legs, didn't you? I want you to burn that sight into your mind." She walked through the group, letting them get a closer look at her enticing legs and her wicked, spiked heels.

"Think about what you saw, and work hard in my service." She stood in front of a slave and lifted her skirt.

"Oh...oh Holy Goddess!" he whimpered, falling on his face to kiss her feet.

"One day you will be the one chosen to lick my lovely stockings," she said as she strolled along, enjoying the looks on their worshipping faces as they stared in awe at her silken legs.

She allowed another slave or two to kiss her feet, then she walked to the meat rack where the offending slave hung.

"Such a pity," she said, lifting her skirt.

"Had you worked harder, you might have had some of this." She dropped her skirt and held up her black leather riding crop. "Instead, you're going to get this." She cracked the whip across the stomach of the nearest slave. "Twenty lashes each, ladies," she said, turning her back on the slaves.

The room was silent except for the clicking of the Domina's spiked heels on the concrete floor. She walked to the last line of acceptable slaves. Halfway down the line, looking at the faces of worshipping slaves she stopped and smiled. "Well, well " she said, "if it isn't my old friend, little Billy Joe Norman. What are you doing back here, Billy? As much as you loved my legs,you should be up front with my hard workers "

"I thought I'd worked hard for you Mistress Carla, but...but the sub-Mistresses..."

"Don't you say anything bad about my sub-Mistresses, Billy," Carla interrupted.

"I remember when you tried to break away from me last year, when you found that sweet little southern belle up there in South Carolina. What was her name, darling?"

"Betty Sue, Mistress Carla...Betty Sue Enders."

| "That's right," laughed Carla "I remember how that sweet little thing loved and idolized you." She placed her foot on his knee. "And how did I treat you, Billy Joe?"

"Like dirt, Mistress Caria. You treated me badly. You kicked me around...you...you beat me and made me do bad things."

"And you loved it, didn't you, you little wimp? You tried to break away but the lure of your black-hearted, black-stockinged Mistress was too strong for you. You came crawling back to me, begging my forgiveness, pleading for me to take you back. She watched him wince as she ground her spiked heel into his knee "Such a hard-on you have there. Billy boy you didn't come before? Didn't my little leg show impress you, darling?"

"I... I tried to wait too long... they... the sub-Mistresses stopped me."

"Poor baby," purred Caria, rubbing his cock with the toe of her shoe. "And I'm the only one who can help you, aren't I, darling...the only one who can give you that blessed relief you need so badly?" "Yes...please Mistress Carla...please help me!" he pleaded looking up at her.

"Poor baby, such sad, pleading eyes," said Caria. "Would you like a private show? Would you like me to lift my skirt?"

"Yes...oh God, yes, Holy Mistress!" he blurted.

"Here you are, darling... just for you."

"Oh, oh thank you...thank you...oh... oh God!" he said, staring with wide, bulging eyes as the skirt slid slowly up her luscious silken legs.

"Oh yes baby," cooed the Domina.

"Here's what trapped you, sweetheart. Here's what made you into the pathetic, crawling creature you are now. You want to see more, honey?" she teased.

"Please...please Goddess!"

"Here we are, baby," said Carla. Here's the good part now, Billy baby. See the big kissable thighs. See how tight the sexy little garterbelt makes my long black stockings?"

"Yes...touch...please let me touch you...oh Holy Goddess, let me touch you.. .please.. .please!" he whimpered.

"Get your hands down, you groveling piglet!" she snarled. "Look at my nylons. Look at my garterbelt." She pressed the tip of her heel into he engourged cock. "Look at my spiked heels. Squirm, you sick little mouse...beg for it, beg, you lowly wimp...beg!" Both the pain and longing for her ripped at him. He begged, he squirmed, he cried out in exquisite agony. "More fool," she ordered, lifting her skirt higher and moving her body closer to him. "I want to hear you beg."

"Please...oh please...I'll do anything...anything...please let me touch you...oh God, I'm going to die...oh God...oh God!" Carla moved closer still, the folds of her gathered red leather skirt touched his forehead, her shimmering, black-stockings thighs were only inches from his sweating, tear-stained face.

"You like them, Billy boy?" she asked.

"Would you like to stick your face up there between them? Would you like to touch your lapping tongue to all those goodies?"

"I'm sorry. Mistress... I... never should have tried to escape. I love you, Mistress. I worship you...please help me...please let me come!"

"You hear him, don't you slaves? He tried to escape from his Mistress. He wanted to live in the outside world." She flicked his cock from side to side with the toe of her shoe. His naked body writhed in sexual frustration at her touch. "But there is no escape from the spell of the Supreme Goddess of the Lash...! own you, fools. There is no escape from me. There is only eternal servitude and slavery for you once you've been captured in my silken web." She slapped him again and again, "Thank you, Mistress...thank you...thank you," he said between the stinging slaps.

"You don't deserve to come, you lowly piece of shit." She kicked him down onto his back. She dropped her skirt and straddled his naked, sex-starved body. "You, and the others...listen to me. I want more work out of you. I have things to buy and places to go and I demand a life of total and complete luxury." She turned to look at them. "And you lowly, groveling sex slaves will see to it that I get it. You see what I can do to a man, or what used to be a man," she said, pointing to the sobbing, naked slave at her feet. "I can make you burn in the fires of hell."

She lifted her skirt once more. "Or I can take you to the Heaven of sexual delights."

She walked among them, her clicking spiked heels the only sound in the silent room.

"Take a look, slaves. Take a good look at the treasures that lie beneath my leather skirt. Next time ten slaves, that's right, ten, of you will taste my glorious body."

She waved her whip out over the group of staring faces. "And for the others, I have some new ladies for you, Lady Lash, Mistress Cain....oh yes, babies, new Dominas, mean, demanding Dominas, cruel, beautiful ladies who will help rae take you to the heights of sexual delight. Every slave here will be allowed to come at the feet of a cruel, leather-clad Dominatrix. Every one of you will be allowed to come, but...but, I want a twenty percent increase in productivity. You can do it... I demand it!"

She was silent as she looked at their attentive faces. "You will do it!" Mistress Carla dropped her skirt and walked to the front where the sub-Mistresses were grouped.

"I have some new videos of myself in session that I'll have sent over in the morning and some soiled stockings you can tease them with," Caria said to the sub-Mistresses. "I want them in a high state of sexual arousal for the next two weeks. I think we've done a good job on them with the stockings tonight, keep it going. Show 'em a lot of leg." Carla held the tip of her riding crop to her lips and kissed it.

"Use the whips on them liberally if you have to. And let's get that extra twenty percent out of the little bastards. Keep them sexed up. Kick some ass, and there will be some nice bonuses for you, ladies, when we get that additional twenty percent out of the little wimps." Carla kissed her sub-Mistresses goodbye, and as the slaves touched their foreheads to the floor in supplication, the big Domina made her exit.

Mistress Carmen Stern

Interview unavailable

Mistress Charlene Deering

Femina Society School
From The Chatt
No. 11, 1994
( Charlene Deering 4-9-53 to 12-7-04 )

Femina Society School

i am a Branch Worker Trainee of the Femina Society and would like to tell you a little about what this entails and my training. Let me say right off that as a submissive male i am happier now than i have ever been in my life, because i have been lucky enough to find this opportunity to become a useful servant to Feminine Authority.

Not that serving a Femina Society Domina and the Society is easy. i am receiving postal training that is rigorous and thorough. One of the first things i learned is A SLAVE HAS NO FREE TIME, FREE TIME IS FOR FREE PEOPLE AND SLAVES ARE NOT FREE.

All my time belongs to my Owner/Instructress and through Her the Femina Society.

Part of my training is in sensual servitude and in this respect it is all i could ask for. Besides the sensual lesson tapes i receive, i am constantly instructed to do erotic writing assignments that give free rein to my fantasies. Topics have included giving my Mistress an extremely erotic massage (10 pages worth), worshipping Her feet, serving Her in the bathroom and many others, i have been given lessons in humility and taught the Femina Society's 12 positions of respect, so i will know how to behave properly when i am given the reward of being allowed to serve a Domina in person. This, however, is only part of my training, a necessary but not the most important part.

Another aspect of my training is the serious study of Female Supremacy; why it is natural, why it is right and why it is necessary. For example, i am currently working on a Center For Matriarchal Studies Summer Study Project. To complete this project i must read and report on three books. Not fuck books; but serious studies on the natural Superiority of Women, the origins of human society as a Matriarchy and how the patriarchy has unnaturally reversed the roles of the sexes and oppresses Women. Another topic of study in this project is male violence in this society and against Women in particular. Also included are lessons in honesty, loyalty and how to be a proper and pleasing servant; which means learning to do useful work and serve only to please the Mistress, effacing my own wants and desires. As you can see this is serious, all encompassing education.

i am also being trained in networking to promote tlie growth of the Femina Society and to spread the Society's goal of Female Supremacy. In order to describe this training i need to describe the nature and structure of the Femina Society. The Femina Society is a Sisterhood dedicated to reestablishing Women in Their rightful place in the world, that is as Rulers of society and men.

Men are allowed to participate in the Society only as students, servants and workers. WOMEN ARE CATERED TO, MAKE ALL THE DECISIONS

AND HAVE ALL THE RIGHTS; MALES HAVE NO RIGHTS BUT SIMPLY SERVE, OBEY AND CARRY OUT ASSIGNED TASKS. The Femina Society is definitely not a sex club and males who only want to have their fantasies fulfilled have no place in it. Submission to Feminine Authority is serious business and requires a serious attitude, i have a saying that applies, "if it was fun and easy they wouldn' t call it work"; and being a servant is work and not always fun. Structurally the Society consists of the Mother Chapter, Sister Chapters and Associate Branches. Located in New England The Mother Chapter, under the leadership of the Foundress, Ms. C., organizes all facets of the Femina Society work.

Education is carried out through the School for Servants and the Center for Matriarchal Studies.

Networking is carried out by communication with Sister Chapters, Associate Branches, other non-member Dominas, mailing projects and advertising. The Mother Chapter is the final authority in all matters concerning the Society, especially membership, but works closely with Sister Chapters.

Sister Chapters are established under die auspices of a Chapter Leader, a Domina Who wishes to promote the teachings and goals of the Femina Society in Her geographical area. In the Society hierarchy a Chapter Leader is second only to Ms. C., but is considered a partner not a subordinate. The activities of a Sister Chapter mirror those of tlie Mother Chapter.

This brings us to Associate Branches, which is where i enter the picture. A Branch exists where tliere is a worker or trainee but as yet no Domina has stepped forward to become a Chapter Leader. It is the duty of a Branch worker to conduct networking through mailings, advertising and in person work to promote the growth of the Society. Branch workers are assigned to the Mother Chapter and receive instruction and supervision from it. This letter is an assignment; i would never undertake anything like this without permission and direction from a Domina/Instructress. The goal of a branch is to become a Sister Chapter and i very much look forward to the day when this goal is accomplished. In conclusion, whether you are a submissive male who wants to surrender to Feminine Authority in all aspects of your life or if You are a Woman who wants to work toward the rule of Women in a Matriarchal society (either as a Domina or as a Handmaiden who serves other Women, but no Woman in the Society ever serves males in any way), i urge you to consider the Femina Society as the place where you may fulfil yourself and advance your goals.

The male will find a life of useful servitude (which is the reward he seeks) and the Woman will find a Sisterhood that offers both a shared vision and practical support for Her lifestyle.

A dedicated Femina Society worker.

Also see the page [ Femina Society ] and/or [ Philosophy of Dominance ]

--Compiled by Mistress Michelle & slave english


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