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In 1978. my folks sold the Sunnyvale kennel, and Kelly and I were looking for a new home. We searched for a place to have BackDrop and do sessions.


We operated from an apartment on Liberty Avenue. We were doing sessions and holding small events. It was a really nice place, third floor and private.

It was about this time that Kelley and I broke up, and I met aRRyana.

We decided that BackDrop needed more space (again) and moved the club to Richmond. It was also decided to separate club and sessions, based on feed back from our club members. The session business was taken over by loRRett, who changed the name to "Fantasy Makers".

Incidents that come to mind and bring smiles.

  • I have always enjoyed having my dining room table preset with 'A Formal Four' place setting. I was amazed how many people would visit (and recognizing my table) would ask, "Okay, where is Robin?"
  • Susan and I were out for a drive, on our way to San Francisco. As women often do, she asked what I thought of her. "You're a B-1 bomber." "What the..." "All of my life I have been flying single engine aircraft. You're a B-1 bomber, full fitted with marvelous armament and stealth capabilities!" "Well then, how do you see yourself?" "I'm just an old tugboat. When you look out there in the harbor, you see all those cruise ships, tankers and freighters? They may be fast, pretty and very large, but I'm the one that pushes and prods them into the pier where the belong."

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