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Dynamic Science Fiction
Feb 1939

Dynamic Science Fiction was a bi-monthly magazine published in 1952-1954. It was unrelated to Dynamic Science Stories published in 1939.

DSF started in late 1952 as a companion to Future Science Fiction (which see for more details) and Science Fiction Quarterly. Columbia Publications didn't do monthly magazines, but the editor, Robert_A._W._Lowndes, was able to circumvent this limitation by running three SF magazines at the same time and having at least one issue on the stands every month. The three magazines shared contributors and some columns.

The first issue featured a long article about the theory of relativity by Poul_Anderson, complete with equations and college level science, but reader response was overwhelmingly negative and the idea was dropped. Book reviews, when they appeared, were done by Lowndes, sometimes in collaboration with Damon_Knight.

Lowndes set aside a considerable portion of each issue to respond to reader letters and cover fan affairs. The letter column was lively and ran to many pages. It featured letters from Robert Silverberg, James Blish, Alan E. Nourse and other prominent fans and pros. Starting with the second issue, Robert_A._Madle's fandom column, Inside Science Fiction, which also appeared in other Lowndes magazines, became a regular feature.

Dynamic didn't survive the SF boom and subsequent bust of 1953. It folded in early 1954.

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