Aunt Natty Series

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The Aunt Natty Series is a series of short stories by Daria Little based upon childhood memories.


'Spoiler warning'

The series starts with the main character remembering when she was a child. She remembers an incident when she and her boyfriend, Stevie, were playing. When it was time to "turn in" the two begin to undress. They are caught half naked in a tent by Stevie's mother, who was tipped off to the game by Bonnie, the Daria's (the narrator) little sister. This innocent game gets the two spanked with Bonnie and some of Chuck's friends as witness. A few days later, the two get to see Natty spanked by Daria's mother, after Natty spanks Bonnie, an action she was forbidden to commit. After watching the exciting event, the two promise not to tell anyone about what they saw. When Daria tells, it sets up the second half of the series.

After telling Bobby, Stevie's best friend, about spying on her aunt's spanking, Bobby asks Stevie about it who gets mad that Daria went back on the deal them made not to tell. To resolve the situation, Bobby demands to get to watch Stevie spank Daria and then he will be bound by the same rules of silence on the subject. Daria takes her spanking in the back yard of the Fletcher house, which is abandoned for the summer. Stevie spanks her bare bottom and when he's done, Bobby adds a few swats of his own.

Later, Daria's family and Stevie's family go on vacation together, renting a pair of cabins. While camping, Daria, Bonnie, and Cathy, Stevie's sister, take a canoe onto the lake, an adventure that ends in disaster when they lose an oar. After being hauled to shore by their fathers, they are spanked on the bare while Stevie watches from the woods. The next day, Stevie tells Daria what he saw and they sneak into Stevie's father's van so Daria can show off her spanked bottom. While in the van, they engage in a game of strip poker, the winner of which spanks the loser. Stevie wins, but before he can deliver the promised spanking, is called away by his mother. When Daria and Stevie meet the next day so that he can deliver, they are interrupted by Natty who spanks them bare bottomed, elicting a promise from them that they won't tell or she'll spank them some more.

The final chapter involves an elaborate plot by Stevie and Daria as the frame Natty for the theft of several of Daria's mother's cigarettes. Their schemes are rewarded as they witness Daria's father spank Natty on her bare bottom.


Stevie's best friend. He gets to witness Stevie spank Daria.
Daria's little sister
Stevie's little sister
Daria, she is based upon the author of the story
Daria's aunt, she is seventeen and the narrator's mother's youngest sister. She takes great pleasure in jumping on the opportunity to spank the narrator in the first chapter, but as a guest in her sister's house, Natty is not immune to spankings from her elder sister. She's called "Nasty Natty" Daria.
Daria's boyfriend. In the first chapter, he is named Chuck but in later chapters is called Stevie.


  1. Bonnie, Chuck and Me
  2. Aunt Natty Gets Spanked
  3. Big Mouth
  4. Big Mouth II
  5. We get our Revenge