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Donovan's Reef (1963) is an action-comedy film directed by John Ford. It stars John Wayne, Lee Marvin, Jack Warden, and Elizabeth Allen.

This rambunctious comedy is set on a Pacific island where Wayne and his freewheeling friends cavort and get into the occasional drunken brawl. The film is punctuated by some extended comedic fight scenes between Wayne and his rowdy pal, played by Lee Marvin.

Complications ensue when Warden brings his feisty, grown up daughter (Allen) to the island. She and Wayne have a tempestuous relationship that builds up to a climactic smackdown.

The spanking scene

At the conclusion of the film, Wayne's character reaches the end of his patience with Elizabeth Allen. He drags her over to a large fountain where he sits down, pulls her over his knee and gives her a hard hand spanking.

Note: This scene is nearly identical to the ending of Wayne's other 1963 comedy McLintock!.

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