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The diaper position, also called legs up position, is a spanking position in which the spankee lies on their back, e.g. on a bed or couch, and their legs are elevated and held above their body, thus exposing the buttocks for spanking. The spankee may hold their own legs, or perhaps more commonly, they may be held by the spanker. If the spanker holds the spankee's legs, he or she may use them to raise the lower part of the spankee's body slightly off its support, thus further exposing the buttocks. It is also very practical to place a cushion under the spankee's hips for the same purpose.

This position gets its name because in changing a diaper on an infant, they are put in a similar position. In spite of its name, the diaper position is not typically associated with the spanking of children, but more with the erotic spanking of adults. In this position the genital area is exposed and visible to the spanker, and there is increased blood flow to the head and upper body of the spankee, which can increase sensation. Also the spankee's skin is relatively taut, which also increases sensation. Last but not least, the diaper position is practically the only position in which the spankee's face is up, not down, which allows eye contact between the spanker and the spankee during the spanking.

When spanking in the diaper position, special care should be taken not to accidentally hit the spankee's genitals (unless this is desired by the spankee). This aspect is especially important for male spankees. One option is to allow the spankee to cover their genitals/testes with their hand during a spanking in this position, or to use a jockstrap.



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