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Elise di Medici
Background information
Active as Model 1989-2008
IMDB #: 0419143

Elise de Medici, also known as Desi D'Angelo, is a fetish model best known for her films of the late 80s and 90s. She appeared in a number of films by the House of Milan, where she was typically flogged, stretched on a rack, nipple clamped or otherwise tormented in a dungeon. In addition to the more predictable range of BDSM torments, Elise was also punished by having an ice cube held to her flesh in no less than three films ('Bound Destiny', 'Bondage Bordello' and 'Prisoners of the Inquisition').

Although her roles were overwhelmingly submissive, Elise did feature as a switch in some films from the House of Milan stable: she played a broken slave entrusted with disciplining duties in 'The Obedience School', and a sadistic authority figure captured by rebellious prisoners in 'Slaves of Rome' and 'Captured in the Middle East'.

Elise did a variety of work for the "Harmony Concepts" production company, where she was bound while either naked, clothed, mummified, or wearing lingerie.

Elise retired from on-screen performances in the late 90s, though continued to work in BDSM films as a hair stylist. In the early 2000s, she made a comeback in some photoshoots for Lorelei's bedroombondage.com, and also for Harmony Concepts. In the webpage for a 2003 Harmony film entitled 'Cloak and Gag 'Er' (a film which she also produced), this message appeared:

"Hello...This is Elise di Medici writing to you from beautiful Southern California on a warm January day. I've come out of retirement we won't count the years to do this special video for you. I wanted to cover several positions and I believe we definitely accomplished that. I was surprised how once we got started, it seemed as though time had stood still, and the fire plug years didn't pass, but perhaps just a few days. Although I miss working for Harmony and miss other film work, some things do change. I know you will enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed rekindling old memories by doing this. Much love, Elise di Medici"

Despite the valedictory tone of this message, Elise continues to work in the adult industry. Under the name of Jasae, she has appeared in wrestling videos for Tanya Danielle's website, and as a wrestler and boxer on specialinterests.com. Also under the name of Jasae, she appears with a distinctive fringe in Jon Woods' American Damsels site, most recently in a 2008 damsel-in-distress DVD entitled "That's Not What Happened!".

In addition to her adult work, Elise has also appeared in topless roles in some Hollywood B movies. Most are violent and schlocky: in "Roots of Evil" she is strangled, in "Teenage Exorcist" she features as a dead woman with a large flesh wound on her neck, and in "Bad Girls Are From Mars" she is hung in her dressing room by celluloid tape. This latter film was widely panned, despite its comic technique of accompanying the appearance of every pair of breasts with a "boing" sound effect.

The nearest Elise ever came to the Hollywood mainstream was being credited in Patrick Swayze's 1989 film Road House as a stripper in a sleazy dive. Despite the credit, however, she was never actually seen in the film.

Despite having featuring prominently in the niche fetish industry, information about Elise on the internet is largely non-existent. Her films are easily accessed through video-on-demand websites, but basic biographical and statistical data are nowhere to be found. The IMDB is typical in being able to offer nothing more than a list of films and aliases.

Although not a large-breasted woman, Elise's natural C-cup breasts had a roundness and form absent from the larger but less shapely mammaries of contemporary fetish stars such as Ashley Renee and Alexis Taylor.


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  • Mean Girls' Tickle Torment (2006) (V) (as Elise di Medici)
  • Bondage Stories 6 (2006) (V) (as Elise di Medici) .... Giselle Fox
  • Bondage Stories 5 (2006) (V) (as Elise di Medici)
  • Bondage Stories 2 (2004) (V) (as Elise di Medici) .... Giselle Fox
  • Cloak and Gag 'Er (2003) (V) (as Elise di Medici) .... Giselle Fox
  • Code Name: Aida and Other Tales (2003) (V) (as Elise di Medici) .... The Princess
  • Tales of Corruption (2002) (V) (as Elise di Medici) .... Personal Assistant
  • Femme Fatales (2000) (V) (as Elise di Medici)
  • The Barefoot Alien 2: The Foot Erotic (1999) (V) (as Elise di Medici) .... Henchwoman
  • Caught in the Act (1999) (V) (as Elise Di Medici) .... Elise
  • Copy-Cat Burglar (1999) (V) (as Elise di Medici) .... Burglary Victim
  • Costume Double Feature (1999) (V) (as Elise di Medici) .... Bride's Rival
  • Enthrall (1999) (V) (as Elise di Medici) .... Elise
  • The Henchman Academy and Other Tales (1999) (V) (as Elise di Medici)
  • Hot-Blooded Bondagettes (1999) (V) (as Elise di Medici)
  • The Power of Two (1999) (V) (as Elise di Medici)
  • The Replacement Damsels (1999) (V) (as Elise di Medici)
  • The Sorceress' Apprentice and Other Tales (1999) (V) (as Elise di Medici) .... Terrorist
  • Women in White (1998) (V) (as Elise di Medici)
  • Let's Play Bondage (1997) (V) (as Elise Di Medici)
  • Sarah's Resignation (1997) (V) (as Elise Di Medici)
  • Sexual Impulse (1997) .... Masseuse ... aka Sirens of Seduction (USA: video title)
  • Breakfast with Tiffany (1996) (V) (as Elise Di Medici)
  • Naked Lawyers (1996) (V) .... Titweiler #1
  • Tickled Tarts (1996)
  • Buxom Basics (1995) (V) (as Elise di Medici)
  • Secret Games 3 (1995) (uncredited) .... Lover
  • Bombshells in Bondage (1995) (V) (as Elise di Medici) .... Mistress Meow
  • Cellblock Sisters: Banished Behind Bars (1995) (as Jasa'e) .... Marie ... aka Banished Behind Bars
  • Down and Out (1995) (V)
  • Teenage Exorcist (1994) .... Dead Woman
  • Bound Bosom Buddies (1994) (V) (as Elise Di Medici)
  • The Golden Dagger (1993) (V) .... Desi
  • Latex Bound 2 (1993) (V) (as Desi De Angelo)
  • Sluts in Slavery (1993) (V) (as Desi De Angelo)
  • Roots of Evil (1992) .... Subway Hooker ... aka Naked Force (USA)
  • Flash Floods (1992)
  • Carnal Crimes (1991) .... Christa
  • Bad Girls from Mars (1991) .... Terry
  • Swindle (1991) (as Jesai) .... Nina
  • Mob Boss (1990) (V) .... Bar Girl
  • Drainman (1990) (V)
  • American Rampage (1989) .... Pool Girl
  • Road House (1989) .... Strip Joint Girl
  • Bonda-cize (1988) (as Desi Deangelo)
  • Glitch! (1988) .... Beauty
  • Unexpected Encounters Volume 3 (1988) (V) (as Desi De Angelo) ... aka Erotic Dreams 3 (USA: DVD title)
  • Electric Blue 52 (1987) (V) .... Bikini girl
  • Cavegirl (1985) (as Jasaé) .... Locker room student

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