Fifty Rules

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Fifty Rules for the House Slave

by the late Ms. Charlene Deering
Ouch Newspaper - Issue 123, 199?

1. The slave must remain nude at all .times except as deemed otherwise-by the Mistress.

2. The slave shall always have its head bowed In deference:to its Mistress.

3. The slave shall obey all commands given by the Mistress without question or hesitation.

4. The slave shall be at the Mistress's beck and sail at all times.

5. When the Mistress arrives into a room, the slave will immediately drop to its knees and kiss the Mistress's toes.

6. The slave shall always keep itself physically fit in order to better please the Mistress.

7. The slave shall perform all of the housework to the exact specifications of the Mistress.

8. The slave shall cook all meals for the Mistress

9. The slave shall eat after the Mistress is done with tier meal and decides that it is time for the slave to eat.

10. The slave shall eat from a dog bowl on the floor.

11. The slave shall perform toilet service as the Mistress should not be required to walk to the bathroom to pee.

12. The slave shall clean the toilet with its tongue before and after it is used by the Mistress.

13. The slave shall use the bathroom only with the permission of the Mistress.

14. When the slave uses the bathroom the door shall remain open as the slave has no right to privacy.

15. Before using the bathroom the slave must kiss and worship the toilet and thank its Mistress for the privilege of using it.

16. After the slave uses the bathroom the slave must lick the toilet clean so that no traces of the slave or Its waste remain.

17. Should the slave accompany the Mistress out of the house it will walk five steps behind the Mistress.

18. Should the Mistress wish to drive somewhere witii the slave, the slave will either chauffeur the Mistress or ride in the trunk depending on the mood of the Mistress

19. Any expenses while the Mistress is out with her slave shall be paid by the slave

20. If the Mistress decides to frequent a restaurant, the slave will order the least expensive item on the menu , regardless of its like or dislikes.

21. Should the Mistress desire to go to a nightclub, the slave will get all of Her drinks for Her and stay unobtrusively in the background as She socializes with whomever She pleases.

22. When out in public, the slave shall wear feminine undergarments under its street clothes.

23. The slave shall clean the Mistress's leathers daily, first with its tongue and then with leather polish to preserve the leather.

24. The slave shall care for the Mistress's lingerie, washing all Her dedicates by hand in a sink.

25. The slave shall perform maid service at any time that it is needed.

26. The slave shall wake one hour: in order to prepare for the day ahead.

27. The slave shall shower daily with cold water from the hose in the garage.

28. The slave shall then prepare breakfast for the bed.

29. The slave shall awaken the Mistress by gently kissing and licking Her feet.

30. While the Mistress eats, the slave shall remain on its knees beside the bed In case the Mistress should need something else.

31. The slave shall prepare a hot bath wi81a scented oils tor the Mistress.

32. The-slave shall aid the Mistress in bathing and dressing.

33. The slave shall not speak unless it is ordered to by the Mistress.

34. Should the Mistress wish to entertain, the slave will take care of all of the preparation.

35. Upon the arrival of the guests the slave will greet each Mistress by kissing Her boots and taking Her coat.

36. The slave shall serve the meal while dressed in a traditional French maid's uniform with a very short skirt, allowing easy access to its body for the guests.

37. After dinner, the slave will clean the dishes and change into whatever attire that the Mistress has decided on to serve as the entertainment for the evening.

38. Alter the end of the party, the slave shall assist the Mistress In readying Herself for bed. After this is done, the slave shall return to the entertainment area and clean up after the party, before it is allowed to retire.

39. The slave shall sleep with its hands bound to prevent the slave from playing withits self while sleeping.

40. The slave shall be allowed release only upon the permission of tte distress.

41. The slave shall never be to engage in intercourse with the Mistress.

42. The slave will make Its tongue available at all times for the Mistress's pleasure.

43. The Mistress has the right to Rent or sell the slave to any other Mistress without consulting the-slave.

44. The slave must at all times think only about serving the Mistress in any way that gives Her pleasure.

45. The Mistress may at all times think only of Her pleasure, giving no more thought than She might wish as to the desires of the slave.

46. The slave shall serve as any piece of furniture that the Mistress might need.

47. The slave shall serve as a horse for the Mistress by either having Her ride on its back or by pulling a carriage containing the Mistress.

48. The slave shall be kept in some sort of bondage at all times in order to reinforce its status as slave.

49. The Mistress may punish, torment, torture, or humiliate the slave in any way and at any time that pleases Her.

50. Any infraction of the above rules subjects the slave to severe punishment and/or banishment from the Queendom of its Goddess. The above rules are how Ms. C. runs Her household. If you are interested in learning more about Her contact Her at the address below.

Big breasted Domina: C&BT, sissy, masturbation, rituals, bondage, body worship. Audio, phone begin, In person, live in possibility. Do you have what: it takes to provide satisfaction through sexual servitude? Take my four page test and see. Those with high scores will be considered for in person service.

Write with SASE. To: Ms. C. Deering