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Dave Cummings with Jeannie Pepper
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Dave Cummings

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Born around 1940, Dave Cumming knocks out "grey bang" porn. The retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel says he was happily married for 22 years and faithful when his wife left him for another man who had more hair.

"There's only so many times I can fantasize about being T.T. Boy with some good looking girl. Guys my age, with our kids out of college, are a big market for porn. I've got my own VCR and my own house and a little extra money... We're always buying and renting videos. And we don't always want to see some 20-year old kid." (AVN 1/96)

Nina Hartley encouraged Dave to try performing. He appeared in DMJ5 and a day later in Sugar Daddies where he got his first box cover.


Out & About "What Would Dirk Diggler Think?"


Los Angeles Times Sunday April 26, 1998 -Home Edition - Life & Style, Page 1

We are swimming in a sea of humanity, which is heavy on men who eyeing a sprinkling of women. The math looks good on paper. We aren't the Citadel, and this isn't Tailhook. So what's wrong with this picture?

We're one of the only women who isn't wearing rubber.

Normally, we wouldn't count on that to make us feel special, but today we're exploring a rarefied corner of Southern California commerce, one that tends to have a dress code. B.Y.O. leather garter belts.

This is Erotica L.A., which is like a wedding fair, only it's for the adult entertainment and accessories industry. Oh, yes. And no one seems to be getting married.

At long last, the fringe has joined the fold. Erotica engineers are coming out of the closet, and for the first time, they're offering their wares in the belly of the mainstream beast--the L.A. Convention Center.

And that can only mean one thing--Candy Apples, meet CNN. After-hours is hitting prime time. And high time it did, says adult-film late bloomer Dave Cummings: "I think we're just normal everyday businesspeople."

Who get naked at work.

But, hey, this is the town for stargazing, and fans are dutifully fanning out to be photographed with the objects of their affection. They are cruising 100 vendors of erotic videos, erotic furniture (one word: bungee), X-rated holograms, faux body parts and photography studios where les artistes can shoot "All Nudes All the Time."

At one end of last week's carnal carnival is the newborn Erotic Entertainers Guild, which is hawking interesting T-shirt possibilities for casual Fridays. The guild's handful of porn pros are also lending new meaning to the term sexual politics--they're campaigning for safe sex on the set.

Cummings, who bills himself as the Oldest Living Man in Porn, is one of them because he wants to see more oldest living men in porn. In Cummings' field, 58 qualifies for burial insurance. But the balding, graying San Diegan is undaunted.

"I brag about being 58. Where else can someone my age be lucky enough to have sex with both these young ladies?" Cummings says, pointing in the direction of two comely engineers, Candy Apples and handler. "They did a shoot with me in San Diego. They were both on time. Notwithstanding traffic."

Cummings calls over to Chandler. "I was telling her how dependable you are."

Duly noted.

Cummings may be pushing the envelope age-wise, but he's also a bellwether of trends. There's the boomer and boomer-adjacent trend of switching career gears in midlife. A former college economics major, Cummings still moonlights as a mortgage loan officer for savvy porn stars. And until in 1988, he was a lieutenant colonel in the Army.

Cummings took the path to porn after his divorce 12 years ago. "My ex ran off with some good-looking guy with hair. I got into swinging 10 years ago and met Nina Hartley, who is a major mega star. All your readers will know her."


"We were having sex, and I mentioned that I'd seen her in a movie with a guy playing a judge, and the guy was younger looking than she was, and I said, 'Can't you at least put some gray in his hair?' And she said ,'Why don't you try getting into it?' "

Cummings says he never thought he'd be the lucky one out of 5,000 guys who try to break into the business every week. But it turned out he had something that 4,999 of them didn't--stamina.

"A couple of months later, I'm in 'The Devil in Miss Jones, Part 5.' And now I've been in 130 movies in the last 3 1/2 years." And not just in bit roles.

Cummings' career development points to one of the weirder subgroups among adult entertainers--recovering military personnel. Indeed, he's standing before a poster hailing the prolific "XXX-U.S. Army Captain" Johnni Black, who served during Desert Storm. Cummings ticks off other examples.

"In the military, we do what we're told because it's for the mission. Maybe we're breaking out of that and doing what we want instead."

Hmmmmm. Let's chew on that one.

Cummings is still a man with a mission. He's just aiming at a different target these days.

"I want people to know that sex is normal, natural, healthy and OK."

Fa-la-la. Cummings points again to exhibitionists A--Candy and Chandler.

"Here's one thing that's interesting. Those two girls, I'll do anything for them. They'll do anything for me. All the people in the industry, we're like a big, extended family."

Jerry Springer calling.

From http://www.davecummings.com/

Dave Cummings, Porn Stud/Producer/Director, is a very unique adult film star. He was 54 years old before he launched his acting career -- now 58, Dave Cummings is regarded as a major adult porn star who has appeared in well over 100 adult films and who is known internationally as a stud who possesses unlimited sexual stamina, and who represents viewers of all ages.

Dave has both a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and a Masters Degree in Public Administration; he spent over 25 years as an officer in the U.S. Military; and, besides acting, he's an active Senior Mortgage Loan Officer licensed by the State of California.

Dave Cummings is extremely popular as a Doctor/Senator/University President/Judge/etc, and similar roles where viewers want to see a male of an age that is believable, realistic, and appropriate to what they see in their everyday real lives. In these films, Dave Cummings gets to both act and to have sex with the young and famous porn actresses -- in fact, many of the girls actually request Dave (yes, even in roles not necessarily calling for an older male star!). Though Dave is always a total gentleman with the girls, he also is a tireless stud who always gets it up, in, and off on cue! His fan appeal is full spectrum in that couples, women, and men of all ages find him special -- to many guys, he's their fantasy stand-in "representative" with the young starlets (when we asked Dave Cummings why so many men considered him as their hero, Dave responded that perhaps it was because he was so average/almost bald/a little overweight, thus making it easier for male viewers of all ages and looks to fantasize that it's themselves who is actual guy in the sex scenes with the young beauties! Often seen in major magazines such as Hustler, a recent SCORE Magazine interview of Dave was headlined "Dave Cummings: An American Hero".

Happily married and totally faithful for 22 years, Dave has a grown son and daughter and three grandchildren. Originally from Saratoga Springs, New York, Dave Cummings now lives in San Diego where he commutes to and from Los Angeles to star in films. He loves the Adult Film Industry, considers the participants as extended family, and loves to be in films because of the fun of it, not necessarily for the money! Dave stays healthy by jogging 4-8 miles 4-5 times a week with the Hash House Harriers Running Club, a group of men and women who sometimes refer to themselves as a bunch of beer-drinkers with a running problem! He also watches his diet, takes vitamins, and tries to get a good night's sleep before sex scenes.

Besides acting for other studios, Dave Cummings has become a respected and acclaimed Producer and Director for a series called "Dirty Dave, The Sugardaddy", releasing a new film monthly through Fallen Angel Entertainment. Featuring both new girls as well as the famous porn actresses, Dave typically is the sex stud in 6 or 7 of the usual 8 sex scenes per film, always showing hot and sizzling sex as well as sensual foreplay and caring love-making. His series is acclaimed for it's brief yet realistic scenarios and non-stop sexual action, and the magazine reviews are lauding and recommending "Dirty Dave, The Sugardaddy". Women, couples, and men of all ages enjoy the series tremendously, citing Dave's use of everyday reality as well as the torrid sex as reasons why they look forward to each month's new release.

When we interviewed Dave Cummings, he asked us to stress his personal philosophy that sex between consenting adults is normal, natural, and healthy!! We agree and, like his many fans, look forward to seeing Dave in future films!

You can write to Dave at:

Dave Cummings
4130 LaJolla Village Dr #107-192
LaJolla, Ca 92037

The Dave Cummings web site can be accessed at http://www.davecummings.com, and you can also find him on the EXXXTASY Television web site at http://www.exxxtasy.com in the portion under "The Tube" titled "Star Biography", and in the area where he writes an insider's column called "From The Trenches".

Asked what his favorite TOP 20 sex roles and films were, Dave Cummings listed the following:

1. Dirty Dave, The Sugardaddy (ALL Volumes)

2. Heaven's Anal Gateway

3. New Wave Hookers 5 (A Michael Ninn Film

4. The Devil in Miss Jones, Part 5 (A Greg Dark Film)

5. Paparazzi

6. Anal Anarchy

7. Dirty Tricks, #1 (a John Leslie film)

8. Here Comes Elska

9. Dr Finger's House of Lesbians

10. On The Edge, #24 (a Kym Wilde film)

11. The Hardwood Chronicles

12. Black Street Hookers 3, and Vol 8

13. The Big Feast

14. Pornogothic

15. Sugar Daddies

16. The 1997 Tight Ends Anal Contest

17. Second Wife's Club

18. Filthy First Timers #5

19. Eat At Dave's Vol 1-7 (Amateur Series)

20. Senior Stimulation


Because I literally receive hundreds of letters/e-mails each month asking the same question, and because I don't want to hurriedly answer the question and risk not being thorough, I've posted this page to my website. This is the same question ALL of us get asked most often---to save time, starlets like Asia Carrera, Kylie Ireland, and most of the other BIG names use a "Frequently Asked Questions" page on their sites---I think you'll find their answers and mine to be consistent with each other.

The problem here is for me to be truthful without hurting anyone's feelings---there's no easy way to tell guys that the chances of them getting even a try out is remote if non-existent. It has nothing to do with the guy, but rather with the informal system that's evolved over time. Certainly, the guy who wants to get into performing undoubtedly is a true stud with the ladies and/or his significant other and/or in a group situation like a swinging encounter. The problem occurs when similar guys in the past were recommended by someone (usually from within the Industry itself, and often by a girl with first-hand knowledge) only to have "performance anxiety" and freeze up in front of the cameras, lights, (sometimes inpatient) crew/Director/Producer/other actors/actresses, make-up persons, catering people, magazine photographers, etc. Such losses of production time and filming momentum are cost prohibitive. Resultantly, Producers and Directors will not accept new guys no matter who recommends them or what their "credentials" are. I guess that's the reason you see the same guys over and over again. If hundreds of "potential applicants" contact me monthly, can you imagine how many millions are literally out there contacting the girls, other actors, studios, etc. each year? Yet, I see only 2-3 new guys a year coming into the business, and even some of them get "cut from the roster" the first time they don't perform up to par---It doesn't matter if they just ran a marathon, are taking decongestants/antihistamines for a sinus blockage, or unavoidably got only 4 hours sleep the previous night---it's an unforgiving business decision that's made not to use the guys ever again (and, believe me, the word gets out to ALL the Industry with the speed of lightning). There's a lot of pressure on the guy---he can't fake an erection or a cum shot, nor can he hide cumming before the Director tells him to cum; likewise, he has to be able to maintain a solid erection for as long as it takes to film the scene, sometimes hours and hours, and despite constant stopping and going for such things as changing camera batteries and/or film, relocating the lightning and/or camera angle, shifting back and forth to soft core mode (for cable TV), "potty"/make-up/cigarette/water/etc breaks, and on and on!!!

OK, so is there any way to get a shot? Well, about the only way I know is to find a SUPER-beautiful girl who will let you ride her coattails into the business. Keep in mind that there are hundreds and hundreds of absolutely beautiful girls who seek a shot at becoming a porn starlet, almost all of whom will work with any stud the Producer/Director hires; your "coattail" girl therefore must be so much more beautiful than the others that the Director will want her so much as to agree to her demand that only YOU can work with her on film (not too many girls will agree to help you if it means that they might lose THEIR chance to get a shot; after all, it means that a Director must take a production cost chance on you, one he doesn't have to take on a girl who will work with one of the star studs)---it's help if you have a decent camcorder tape of the two of you to prove that you can perform in front of the people who shot your "screener" tape. Then, once you've proven that you can indeed perform, let it be known that you're available for gang bangs and other bookings. Do well and you'll join the ranks of the very few! But, don't expect to make a lot of money! Guys get paid "peanuts" to perform (yes, the girls make good money, but keep in mind that most viewers look at the girl and could care less about the guy---we guys are merely "props").

Penis size, looks, muscles, and acting ability mean almost nothing for a guy. What matters is the ability to get an instant erection, maintain it, control it, and cum only when told to (and then do it quickly without wasting the time of the production folks). Be prepared to have perfect personal hygiene, get HIV Tests every month, and to sit around on sets waiting for your turn!

Well, the above is the real story---it's not sugar coated or anything, but IS factual! It might sound somewhat negative, but I have to be truthful and realistic in answering the question. Keep in mind that you're not alone---millions of men want to do the same thing that you want (and probably believe with absolute certainty that THEY are that one and only new guy out of the millions who can indeed be the next big name stud).

Good Luck!


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