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Photo by Robin Roberts

A crotch rope (also known an a Crupper in Europe and Sakuranbo in Japanese bondage) is a form of bondage rope harness, where a basic tie encircles the waist, and a second, perpendicular rope goes through the legs from front to back.

In Japanese bondage a crotch rope is tied in such a way as to rub against the genitals. The aim is to generate thoughts of sexual submission and excitement in the person thus tied.

The same purpose may exist for Western-style bondage, which also uses them for anchorage when restraining a victim or support during suspension bondage or on a St. Andrew's cross.

Depending upon how tight the ropes are tied, the size of the rope, and the length of time they are worn:

  1. it could be used to hold a vibrator or butt-plug in place,
  2. it could be erotic (if the rope is medium size and made of cotton or nylon)
  3. it could be a punishment (if the rope were very thin or made of a rough cordage)

Crotch ropes appear regularly in the drawings of Robert Bishop.

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