Clothing as Bondage

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"How can Clothing as part of bondage?"

Chinese Foot Binding

This tradition is thought to have begun in the 10th Century. One of the rulers at the time was Li Yu, who observed a dance performance by his favorite consort in which she tied her feet to look like the new moon. This tradition caught on until the feet were bound so tightly that the women could no longer dance. The tradition also became popular outside the royal court and spread throughout China. In 1644, the Manchurians tried to ban foot binding, but never were able to enforce it. The Manchurian women never practiced foot binding.

Corsets as a bondage

Training corsets were in use from the 1830' until as late as the end of WWI. Girls would wear them during their teen years to train their body and torso into a fashionable shape. Corsets also compressed the rib cage making deep breathing nearly impossible. Quick motions were definitely beyond their ability.


The word girdle originally meant belt. In modern English the term "girdle" is most commonly used for a form of women's underwear that replaced the corset in popularity. Constructed of elasticized fabric and usually fastened with hook and eye closures, the modern girdle is designed to shape and smooth a woman's figure, thereby producing a more aesthetically pleasing and attractive silhouette. Most girdles extend from the waist to the thighs. Older girdles were simply sheaths of fabric that did not cover the crotch and were often called open-bottom girdles..

In the 1960s, these models fell from favor and were to a great extent replaced by the panty girdle. The panty girdle resembles a tight pair of athletic shorts.
Both models of girdles usually include garters to hold up stockings.

High Heels

Main article: High heels

Anyone who has seen a lady wearing heels will attest to their bondage roots. No one wearing heels can do more than walk with well thought out choreography. Again, the ability to run has been removed. Shoes with heels over seven inches are referred to as ‘bedroom shoes’ because the wearer is held captive, unable to stand or run away from their aggressive male counterpart.

Hobble Skirts

These were part of world history from 1880 until the 1810's. They were designed to be nearly ankle length with a very small opening at the bottom of the skirt, requiring the wearer to take small mincing steps which exaggerated the swing of the hips. There are two possible inspirations for this dress;.

  1. Paul Poiret is sometimes said to have been inspired by Mrs. Hart O. Berg, who became the first American woman to ride in an airplane, when she joined Wilbur Wright in late 1908. Mrs. Berg used a piece of rope to tie her skirt around her legs in order to keep it from flapping while in flight, and supposedly Poiret saw her mincing away from the plane with the rope still tied.
  2. The more likely inspiration for the skirt was the narrow robe of the Japanese Geisha. Poiret was strongly influenced by the Orient as was another Edwardian trendsetter, Russian Ballet costumer Leon Bakst.

Leather and Latex

Today’s 'fashionistas' wear a combination of leather and latex clothing that double as fashions clothing for clubbing and every day wear. Their fetish appeal is everywhere from advertising soft drinks to sex books to today’s young divas.

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