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In some American sports, a cheerleader is one of a group of women who lead the cheering of the team's fans. Traditionally they wear skirts above knee length, and perform routines in which they wave pom-poms, and often participate in athletic tumbling (floor gymnastics) and lifts.

Since the introduction of overtly sexy cheerleading into pro sports in the early-to-mid 1970s, cheerleaders for pro sports teams often wear scanty uniforms (very short skirts, and crop tops showing the midriff and cleavage). Often, their cheer manoeuvres are designed to allow spectators to glimpse their panties; in this case, the cheerleaders may wear fancy ones, possibly with lace frills.

Because of their style of dress, cheerleaders are frequently an object of fetish.


The traditional female cheerleading uniform consists of any of a variety of tops (including a sweater, tee, vest, tank or halter) typically emblazoned with a design incorporating the school or team name and colors. This is usually combined with a pleated or flared miniskirt, which matches the top and is often multicolored with a pattern of vertical stripes, or perhaps one contrasting horizontal stripe at or near the hem of the skirt. Beneath the skirt is usually worn a pair of regulation full-cut, heavily-knitted colored briefs of nylon or rayon fabric, called spanky pants. Athletically styled knee or ankle length socks and a pair of tennis shoes complete the ensemble.

Eroticism and sex appeal

A cheerleading uniform is a popular choice for women to wear as a fetish/fantasy costume in sexual or erotic play scenarios. Like the traditional schoolgirl uniform which it resembles, the cheerleading outfit’s combination of a relatively prim and formal overall effect with a startlingly short, playfully-styled skirt suggests a mixture of innocence and raw sex appeal.

Additionally, the uniform may hold for the male participant an association with his adolescent years, when the cheerleaders who attended his school were typically among the most attractive and desirable of those among his fellow female students, and therefore may have been a common subject of his earliest sexual fantasies.

Also adding to the erotic mystique surrounding the cheerleader is the fact that typical cheerleading routines consist of such activities as high kicks, jumps, falls, tumbles and cartwheels; during the course of which it is common for her nether undergarments to become repeatedly put on full display as her abbreviated, loose skirt tends to fly up frequently during her exertions. This casual exposure is often to the delight and titillation of the young (and young-at-heart) male spectators among her audience, in spite of the relative modesty of the briefs worn, considering the otherwise prevailing social taboos against the public display of underwear of any kind (see panty shot).

A woman wearing a cheerleading uniform in the context of an erotic adult situation will usually eschew the traditional athletic briefs formally worn beneath the skirt in favor of somewhat less substantial underwear ranging from regular everyday panties to exotic lingerie. However, the regulation oversize briefs may be retained in an effort to preserve the authenticity of the overall costume. She may also add or substitute other accouterments to the uniform such as additional erotic wear or S&M paraphernalia (for example, combining a cheerleading skirt with a leather bustier).

The popularity of the cheerleader as an object of erotic interest can be testified to by the current plethora of extant softcore pornographic websites and videos devoted specifically to images of young women posing in (and out of) cheerleading uniforms

Cheerleaders in spanking

Cheerleading uniforms are sometimes worn by the female participant in adult spanking play scenarios. Such scenarios may be interchangeable with schoolgirl punishment scenes, due to the cheerleader uniform having associations with an academic setting. Additionally the reason for the punishment may involve the infraction of rules which are specific to the imagined cheerleading squad the woman is pretending to be a member of. Also like the schoolgirl uniform, cheerleading outfits may be donned for a domestic ageplay scenario.

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  • Cheerleader Bondage Hell (Outlaw Productions, 1996) - Sharon Mitchell
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  • Niki Flynn – Cheerleader, The Movie (Sound Punishment) - Niki Flynn, video clip
  • Spanking Pixie, Vol. 1 (Punished Brats) – Amber "Pixie" Wells
  • That'll Learn Ya (Bad Tushy)
  • The Trouble with Cheerleaders (Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment)
  • The Cheerleaders of Perilous U. (ZFX Productions)
  • Cheerleader Autopsy (2003), the squad gets paddled in mainstream horror movie.
  • The Cheerleader (Top Marks, 2003)
  • Cheerleaders Spanked (Bizarre Video, 2004)
  • Direct Your Own Spanking Video (Pacific Force)
  • Samantha's Cheerleader Paddling (Firm Hand Spanking, 2008) – Samantha Woodley
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