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A CB-6000 chastity cage.

A chastity cage is a device which encloses the male genitals to prevent stimulation and erection.


The modern plastic chastity cage for men is almost exclusively used paradoxically as a sex aid, and shares almost nothing in common with the traditional medieval designs. Most tubes are purchased by men, with some by women for use with their partners. Men who wear chastity cages are attracted to the thought of not being able to masturbate or reach orgasm. Sex is impossible while wearing a chastity cage. Some men are attracted to them as a method of being submissive to their partner/key holder, who subsequently controls the wearer's sexual life. Generally it is considered that erotic sexual denial is a subset of BDSM, which incorporates forced chastity.

A modern chastity cage gives the key holder/dominant partner (nearly absolute) sexual control of the submissive partner. Thus an individual BDSM session can be expanded very simply by the application of a chastity cage concealed under clothing. With a chastity cage, a form of 24/7 total power exchange lifestyle can be enjoyed without having to come out about BDSM to friends and co-workers.

Many dominant females who are interested in BDSM choose to lock their partners in a Chastity device. This keeps the males focus on pleasing the female, sometimes in the hope of being allowed an erection, or perhaps even orgasm.


Most chastity cages have two parts: a ring seated around the base of the penis behind the scrotum and a capped tube, into which the flaccid penis is inserted. The tube is perforated to allow fluids to drain easily. Some designs have a curved or angled tube to make erections uncomfortable. The two parts mate together on hinges or pins and are held fast with a padlock, holding the testicles in a gap close enough to prevent the penis from being pulled out.

A chastity cage. Note the serial numbered plastic lock

Many manufacturers offer metal detector safe locks for those who travel frequently. These locks are one use, and once closed cannot be unlocked. Each lock has a unique serial number written onto the body of the lock. The locks may be removed via cutting, and once cut, they are discarded. They operate on the same principle as a wax seal on an envelope.

Erotic Denial

Chastity cages can be used for both orgasm control and denial. Note that a man/couple may not necessarily entertain other elements of the BDSM lifestyle apart from those aforementioned.

Depending on fit and comfort, a chastity cage may be applied for an indefinite period of time. Human sex drive tends to increase when an outlet is not available, and a chastity cage can increase a male's sex drive. The dominant partner/key holder, if one exists, can use a chastity cage to exert control over the submissive partner, allowing sexual outlet as a reward.


To fit a CB-6000, first the half ring is placed behind the scrotum, between the testicles and the body. Then guide pins are inserted into the top of the ring, closing the ring around the scrotum. The penis is then inserted into the cage portion, which is brought closer to the body. Once it mates, a lock can be inserted into the middle guide pin, in front of the cage.

Once locked, the testicles are held between the cage and the ring. The penis cannot be stimulated, nor become erect, as it is contained within the cage portion. The entire apparatus cannot be removed, as the testicles cannot fit between the gap between the ring and cage.

To help with comfort, it is suggested that some baby oil be applied to the end of the penis using a cotton swab, or a Q-tip. This will facilitate the penis moving inside the cage. Some men also find it helpful to apply some oil between the ring and the scrotum to allow the base ring to slide backwards and forwards depending on arousal state.


The male genitalia is a delicate structure, comprised of skin, the soft spongy tissue of the penis which becomes engorged with blood during arousal, and the testicles. A chastity cage must be properly sized, fitted and adjusted in order to be secure and not damage the genitals. Ring size and spacing are the two most important adjustments that can be made. A ring that is too tight will cut off blood flow, while one that is too loose will not be secure.

If there is any discoloration or numbness of the testicles or penis, the ring or spacer is too tight and must be released.

Current research suggests that frequent orgasms help to prevent prostate cancer in men. A chastity cage, depending on usage, will remove the ability to masturbate, and as such, there is a health risk to the man. This can be countered by milking the man. Milking is the process by which the fluids of the prostate are drained by manual stimulation of the prostate via the anus. Some men find this act arousing, others are repulsed by the act.


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