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Coverpage of a catalogue of books published by Charles Carrington (Paris, 1906)

Charles Carrington (1857-1922) was a leading British publisher of erotica in late-19th and early 20th century Europe. Born Paul Harry Ferdinando in Bethnal Green, England on 11 November 1867, he moved in 1895 from London to Paris where he published and sold books in the rue Faubourg Montmartre and rue de Chateaudun; for a short period of time he moved his activities to Brussels. Carrington also published works of classical literature, including the first English translation of Aristophanes' "Comedies," and books by famous authors such as Oscar Wilde and Anatole France, in order to hide his "undercover" erotica publications under a veil of legitimacy. His books featured the erotic art of Martin van Maële. He published a French language series La Flagellation a Travers le Monde mainly on English flagellation, identifying it as an English predilection. Carrington went blind as a result of syphilis and the last few years of his life were spent in poverty as his mistress stole his valuable collection of rare books. He was placed in a lunatic asylum and died in 1922 at Ivry-sur-Seine, France.

Selected publications

  • Purifying Empire: Obscenity and the Politics of Moral Regulation in Britain, India and Australia author=Deana Heath, publisher=Cambridge University Press < ISBN:0521194350 > Buy it from
  • Experimental Lecture (1878) by the pseudonym "Colonel Spanker" for the "Cosmopolitan Society of Bibliophiles", one of his imprints. The Colonel and his circle have a house in Park Lane where genteel young ladies are kidnapped, humiliated, flagellated and raped. publisher=Grove Press, 1984 < ISBN:0394620011 > Buy it from
  • Raped on the Railway: a True Story of a Lady who was first ravished and then flagellated on the Scotch Express (1894) by Anonymous for the "Cosmopolitan Bibliophile Society". < ISBN:3205984129 > Buy it from
  • The Loves of a Musical Student - being the History of the Adventures and Amorous Intrigues of a Young Rake (1897) by Anonymous.
  • Memoirs of Private Flagellation (1899) by Anonymous (Paris, Librairie des Bibliophiles Français et Étrangers).
  • Le Fouet à Londres (The Whip in London) (1902), Published in Paris by Charles Carrington as part of the series La Flagellation a Travers le Monde.
  • Femmes Chatiees (1903) by Jean de Villiot. French translation of Charles Carrington's Whipped Women short stories; original manuscript published in 1994.
  • The Beautiful Flagellants of New York (1907) by Lord Drialys (The Society of British Bibliophiles [Charles Carrington]: Paris).
  • Clic! Clac! Précédé d'un conte "Home-Discipline" (1907) by Jean de Villiot (Librairie des Bibliophiles Parisiens [Charles Carrington]).
  • Sadopaideia: Being the Experiences of Cecil Prendergast Undergraduate of the University of Oxford Shewing How he was Led Through the Pleasant Paths of Masochism to the Supreme joys of Sadism (1907), anonymous, possibly by Algernon Charles Swinburne.


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