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Welcome to the BackDrop BDSM History Project

  • Over the years, there have been many attempts by people to compile "A Complete Alternative Sexuality History Timeline" for our "alphabet communities".
  • Our approach to a timeline project will be quite different. We are asking YOU to be our "Research Assistants" so that our timeline will include information about as many different lifestyles/communities as possible.
  • We decided to start with the "Leather History Timeline" compiled by Tony DeBlase.
  • We are asking that everyone check our timeline and then send us email so that we may make additions, corrections, deletions.
  • Information we would like to see added are major dates in "our history" such as when a specific club, organization was formed or closed; when (and by whom) a specific phrase, flag or icon was presented; and anything else that you might consider to be "a historical event".
  • If you have any information that you would like to see added to this project, we would ask that you send us an email to Please include the sources of your information (hopefully first-hand experiences, if possible) so that we may verify them.
  • (The original Leather History Timeline was obtained from The Leather Archives and Museum [1] and is used with permission)

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