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This is one of those magical places where a lot of pin-up photos were taken during the fifties and sixties.

I really have to thank those guys and gals from the Spiderpool group at who have done years of research on this topic, and especially Rowan. The Spiderpool homepage says:

The Spiderpool Research Group is concerned with all aspects of the vintage pinup photo shoot locations known to their fans as the Spiderpool and the Hacienda.
The Spiderpool was part of an eccentric estate built in the Roaring '20's by silent film director and writer John W. "Jack" McDermott. The Pool received this name from the large ceramic tile spider which overlooked the swimming pool. Its remains were found in 2004, and we continue to be amazed by the Spiderpool facts and photos we discover.
The Hacienda was located in July, 2006, and we're just beginning to delve into its rich history. Built by a Pasadena millionaire in 1927, the Hacienda served as the backdrop for even more photos than the Spiderpool during the heyday of 1950s cheesecake photography.
We plan to share and discuss:
1. The history of Jack McDermott's Spiderpool estate and the Hacienda.
2. The stories of the people behind the origins and operations of each site.
3. Photographs of and about the Spiderpool and Hacienda.
4. Photographs and information about pertinent models and photographers.
So where is the Spider Pool? The house and the swimming pool no longer exist but the spider still looks out over a quiet hillside in suburban Los Angeles. And where is the Hacienda? Join us and find out.
The Spiderpool Research Group is hosted by Rowan and Old Bubblehead.
A note to those thinking about joining: If you are looking for triple X rated material you will be disappointed; we don't have any. And, while we do share many photographs of young ladies in various stages of modest undress, this group is as much about popular culture as it is about the photographs.

Tura Satana 006.jpg

The main reason I have added this topic in SM-201 is the fact that photos by John Willie and Harold Lloyd were taken at the same place. If you examine the two photos, you will notice that:

1. the column in the John Willie photo on the left, and

2. the column in the Harold Lloyd photo on the right

are the same. (The tiles in both photos were designed and manufactured by a company owned John McDermott, the owner of the property that has become known as "The House that Jack built")

Also see the page [ John Willie and The Spiderpool ] for more information

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