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A carabiner (colloquially: 'biner) is a metal loop with a sprung or screwed gate. It can quickly connect ropes and components together.

Carabiners are widely used in sports requiring ropework; such as climbing, caving ("Single Rope Technique"), canyoning, and sailing; and in industrial rope access work, such as construction or window cleaning,; and in BDSM play.

Carabiners used in climbing tend to be lighter and faster to use than carabiners used in industry. For recreational climbing, almost all carabiners are made from aluminium. For rope rescues and industrial uses, where the weight of the carabiner is not an important factor and larger working loads are encountered, steel carabiners are commonly used. Some carabiners used in industry do not have a sprung swinging gate but have a screw shut gate that generally can only be opened and closed using a special tool.

There are broadly two sorts of carabiner: locking and non-locking carabiners carabiners.


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