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Bunko Kanazawa
Bunko Kanazawa.jpg
Background information
Alias(s): Fumiko Kanazawa
Birthdate: Apr 4, 1979
Location: Iwate prefecture, Japan (sometimes reported as Kanagawa Prefecture
Website: http://www.graphix.ne.jp/kanabun/index.html
Height: 5' 1.5" / 1.56m
Weight: 100 lbs / 45 kg
Measurments: 83(C)-57-85(cm)
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Shoe size: 23.5cm
Ethnicity: Japanese
Blood: O

This article is about a Japanese porn star

Bunko Kanazawa (金沢文子 Kanazawa Bunko) is a prolific and well-known Japanese adult film actress, who has been called "one of the biggest AV idols in Japan."

Life and career


Born April 4, 1979 in Kanagawa prefecture), as a child Bunko Kanazawa was good at mathematics and science, but bad in Japanese and English language studies. Her hobbies as an adult include cooking, snowboarding and karaoke.

Kanazawa was introduced to the AV industry by a friend. Her stage name, given to her by her agency, is taken from "Kanazawa Bunko", a train station, museum and historic library in Kanagawa Prefecture, where she lived at the start of her career. Her stage name is sometimes shortened to "Kanabun", a nickname which Kanazawa dislikes. Kanazawa's second video, Tough Adolescence, was a science-fiction sex drama released by the same label in September 1997. Speaking of videos such as this one, which required a degree of acting, Kanazawa commented that she does not consider herself a good actress. She says that she especially has difficulty with a leading role and with adlibbing. Obscene Model (August 1999) was another video in which Kanazawa had to use her acting abilities. She played the role of a race queen who seduces her sponsor and her cameraman. This video also included a scene in which the actress visits a man's home—an amateur—and performs for him. Kanazawa was still with the Cosmos Plan label for her one-year anniversary video, Platinum Fuck (September 1998).

VCDs and DVDs

In addition to videos and DVDs, Kanazawa released several works in the VCD format. She initiated a four-volume "Special Edition" VCD set in December 1997. All of these releases contained selections from Kanazawa's videos and images in the BMP format. The first VCD SUPER BEST in this series had highlights of Kanazawa's debut and scenes from Tough Adolescence. Her second "Special Edition" VCD, Kanabun's Feel, released in May 1998, was a similar collection of scenes from three of Kanazawa's previous releases. The "Special Edition" series continued in September 1998 with the release of Kanabun Typhoon Going North, which had highlights from four of her videos. A fourth volume in the series was released one year later, in September 1999, due to popular demand. This one also featured highlights from four previously released videos, as well as behind-the-scenes images.

Kanazawa's first DVD release was a reissue of her debut video. Much was made of the visual clarity of the still new medium in advertising the release. It was claimed that the picture was so clear, Kanazawa's pubic hair (the display of which was banned by Japanese censorship laws), could be seen.

Fetish videos

Kanazawa has also appeared in several fetish films focusing on particular sub-genres of the AV industry. Her January 1999 entry in Alice Japan's popular Female Ass (女尻 Meijiri) series focuses on various manipulations of the actress's posterior, and includes scenes with panties and lotion. Inhumanity focused on sexual violence, with the actress beaten up, raped and forced to perform fellatio. Max-A's Erotic Opening series, which focuses on fellatio, featured Kanazawa in its March 1999 video. Fetish Virgin III had the camera fetishistically centering on individual parts of the actress's body. A self-titled DVD from September 1999 was a similar work for body-part fetishists. In September 1999, Max-A chose to star Bunko Kanazawa in the first video in the revival of its popular Confined Bodydolls. Entitled The Confined Bodydolls: Bunko Goes Wild the video had Kanazawa in bondage on stage.

In magazine shoots, Kanazawa often appears dressed as a schoolgirl. Her first video to make use of this common theme in Japanese erotica was Uniform Indecent Doctrine, released in October 1998. Her appearance in Atlas's popular NEO Bloody Uniform Connection series—the 51st video in that series—again had Kanazawa in the uniform of a high school girl. In addition, this cosplay-themed video had Kanazawa wearing the costumes of a nurse, an elevator girl, and a policewoman in a miniskirt.

Autobiographical videos

Legend Of An AV Idol (February 1999) was Kanazawa's first video for Atlas. This release focused on Kanazawa's career and stories of how she reached the number one spot in the Japanese AV industry. For Alice Japan, Kanazawa made a two-volume Self-Portrait series. These videos had the actress photographing herself in private moments, and engaging in sex. In 2004, Kanazawa's career was the subject of a five-volume retrospective "Memorial" series from Cosmos Plan.

Though Kanazawa dislikes airplane travel, she enjoys filming in overseas locations such as Bali. Her July 1998 release, Misfire Erotica, was filmed in Hong Kong.

Later career

Sometime in 2005, Kanazawa started making uncensored movies for a studio/website called Tora Tora Tora.

Partial filmography

Filmography based on Bunko (Kanazawa Bunko) Profile. avidol.xcity.jp. Retrieved on 2007-02-21. and Bunko Kanazawa (Filmography). Urabon Navigator 1997-2006. Retrieved on 2007-08-08.

Video title Company Director Release date
18 Years Old / Age 18
Debut video.
Cosmos Plan . VHS:August 24, 1997
DVD:June 20, 1998
February 24, 2001
Tough Adolescence / Unkind Adolescence
Cosmos Plan . VHS:September 28, 1997
DVD:October 10, 1998
DVD with extras:March 24, 2001
Heroine in Love Cosmos Plan . October 31, 1997
Garden of Schoolgirls Cosmos Plan . November 30, 1997
VCD including 18 Year Old and Tough Adolescence.
Cosmos Plan . December 20, 1997
Pandora's Temptation Cosmos Plan . December 21, 1997
This World Is For You Cosmos Plan . January 25, 1998
Costume Play Princess Cosmos Plan . February 15, 1998
Uniform Land 2 Cosmos Plan . March 22, 1998
Sweet Flower Girl Cosmos Plan . April 12, 1998
Kanabun's Feel
VCD including scenes from Heroine in Love, Pandora's Temptation and This World Is For You.
Cosmos Plan . May 16, 1998
I Love You! Cosmos Plan . May 31, 1998
Misfire Erotica
Cosmos Plan . July 12, 1998
Sharp Kanabun
Cosmos Plan . August 16, 1998
Platinum FUCK
Cosmos Plan . September 13, 1998
Kanabun Typhoon Going North
VCD containing scenes from Costume Play, Princess Girls School Paradise Special, Female Teacher Club 14 and Sailor Suit
Cosmos Plan . September 19, 1998
Uniform Indecent Doctrine
Cosmos Plan . October 11, 1998
Give You Big Shot !!
Cosmos Plan . November 15, 1998
Curtain Call
Cosmos Plan . December 13, 1998
GoGo! Kanabun LAND
Cosmos Plan . December 19, 1998
Female Ass
Alice Japan Goro Tomeike VHS:January 26, 1999
DVD:June 25, 1999
Heroine in Love / A Girl in Love
Cosmos Plan . VHS:February 20, 1999
DVD:April 28, 2001
Legend Of An AV Idol
Atlas21 Kunino Nagayagawa February 20, 1999
Erotic Opening/Shot at Hole's
MAX-A Kunino Nagayagawa March 19, 1999
VCD:July 23, 1999
Self-Portrait #2
Alice Japan Kunino Nagayagawa VHS:April 20, 1999
VCD:October 22, 1999
Pandora's Temptation
Cosmos Plan . VHS:May 22, 1999
DVD:July 28, 2001
NEO Bloody Uniform Connection 51
Atlas21 Kei Morikawa May 25, 1999
Fetish Virgin III Samansa/MAX-A Kazei Matsui May 25, 1999
Fetish Virgin III Samansa/MAX-A Kazei Matsui May 25, 1999
Hatsujou Ring Star Alice Japan . July 23, 1999
Bunko Kanazawa Super Best 4
. . August 24, 1999
VCD:September 18, 1999
Obscene Model/Y-Setsu Model Alice Japan . August 24, 1999
Bunko Kanazawa
MAX-A . September 24, 1999
The Confined Bodydolls
Samansa/MAX-A Fuyuhiko Shimamura September 30, 1999
Babylon/Alice Japan Kunihiro Hasegawa VHS:October 29, 1999
DVD:May 19, 2000
Cosmos DX 120 min SPECIAL
宇宙企画DX 120分スペシャル2
Cosmos Plan . October 30, 1999
Fallen Angel X
Bazooka/Cosmos Plan Asao Takai November 10, 1999
NEO Uniform Connection EX
Atlas21 . November 19, 1999
Female Ass CLIMAX 3rd
女尻CLIMAX 3rd
Alice Japan . December 17, 1999
Reverse Soap Heaven
Babylon/Alice Japan . December 21, 1999
September 15, 2000
An 'I' Novel Samm . January 31, 2000
Obscene Model REMIX
猥褻モデル REMIX
Alice Japan . February 11, 2000
The Kageki Samm . February 21, 2000
NEO Bloody Uniform Connection 7
Atlas21 Tukasa Hashimoto March 15, 2000
Perverted Secretary Likes It Raw – Part 25 Cher . May 25, 2000
Love is KANABUN Cher . June 25, 2000
MORE MAX III MAX-A Max Nakamoto July 7, 2000
Sexy Butt Climax 2
Alice Japan . July 21, 2000
The Blonde Vip . July 27, 2000
Erotic Girls
MAX-A . August 25, 2000
Obscene Model – Wet 5
猥褻モデル ヌルヌル5
Alice Japan . September 22, 2000
Fallen Angel X Special
Cosmos Plan Tomohisa Aizome VHS:October 8, 2000
DVD:November 25, 2000
Atlas21 . November 17, 2000
NEO出血大制服完全版 3
Atlas21 Tsukasa Hashimoto March 13, 2001
DVD:May 18, 2001
Inhumanity File VOL.4
人間廃業ファイル VOL.4
Alice Japan . March 16, 2001
The Confined Bodydoll Complete Edition
MAX-A Max Nakamoto VHS:July 13, 2001
DVD:November 22, 2001
Reverse Soap Heaven Special Erect 3
逆ソープ天国スペシャルエレクト 3
Alice Japan . DVD:July 19, 2001
Costume Play Kanabun TMA . September 7, 2001
Fuck 10 Nurses
Atlas21 Tsukasa Hashimoto September 11, 2001
Go Go! Kanabun LAND
Cosmos Plan . November 10, 2001
Inhumanity File 2002
人間廃業ファイル 2002
Alice Japan . DVD:January 15, 2002
COSMOS DX 120 minutes Special 2
Cosmos Plan . February 9, 2002
The Girl in the Secret Club
Collect . July 26, 2002
VIP Value Pack 2
VIPバリューパック 2
VIP . October 11, 2002
High Tension Love BLACKJACK . DVD:April 18, 2003
Cosmos Debut Collection
宇宙企画Debut Collection 花
Cosmos Plan Toru Yamanishi August 29, 2003
Dream Woman Vol. 19 Moodyz Killer . September 1, 2003
The Neo Uniform Collection No Cut Vol.6
NEO出血大制服ノーカット Vol.6
Atlas21 . DVD:October 31, 2003
Dream Corridor
SUNSET COLOR Haruki Yukimura November 30, 2003
Empress of Underground Shark . January 8, 2004
Cosmos Memorial/ Bunko Kanazawa I
宇宙企画Memorial 金沢文子I
DVD containing Romantic Flower, I Love You! and Misfire Erotica
Cosmos Plan . February 20, 2004
Cosmos Memorial/ Bunko Kanazawa II
宇宙企画Memorial 金沢文子II
DVD containing Sharp Kanabun, Platinum FUCK and Uniform Indecent Doctrine
Cosmos Plan . April 16, 2004
Cosmos Memorial/ Bunko Kanazawa III
宇宙企画Memorial 金沢文子III
DVD containing Pandora's Temptation, The World Is For You and Costume Play Princess
Cosmos Plan . June 18, 2004
CLUB-MAX / Bunko Kanazawa
MAX-A . July 16, 2004
COSMOS Memorial Bunko Kanazawa IV
宇宙企画Memorial 金沢文子IV
DVD containing 18 years old, Nasty Youth and Lovely Heroine
Cosmos Plan . August 13, 2004
COSMOS Memorial Bunko Kanazawa V
宇宙企画Memorial 金沢文子V
DVD containing Super Thick Injection, Curtain Call and Falling Angel X
Cosmos Plan . October 15, 2004
Bunko Kanazawa Drink Sperm Too Moodyz Legend . December 1, 2004
Fascinating!! Beautiful Tits Girls 4 Hours!! 2
萌え~!!美乳むすめ 4時間!!2
Alice Japan . July 14, 2006


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