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A brothel, also known as a bordello or whorehouse, is an establishment specifically dedicated to prostitution. In some places, licensed brothels are legal. In some large cities, brothels may be confined to special red-light districts. Other names for a brothel are a cathouse or house of ill repute.

Business models

Brothels use a variety of business models.

  • In some, prostitutes are held in bondage without the option to leave, receiving only a small portion of the money paid by the patron.
  • In others the prostitutes are employees, receiving a small fixed salary and a portion of the money spent by the customer.
  • In still others the prostitutes pay a fee for use of the facilities, with the brothel owner not being involved in the financial transaction between prostitute and client.
  • A unique business model exists in the brothel Big Sister in Prague: customers have sex for free, with the operation being financed by the sale of video recordings on the Internet.

030508.html Aussie firm wants to build megabrothel near Las Vegas]. In New Orleans, Louisiana, the term 'brothel' is generally interchangeable with the multiple Asian "Health clubs" located on Canal Street. The term is most likely derived from the option for clients to request sexual favors in exchange for a premium costing massage.

Depictions in popular culture

Movies depicting brothels include:


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