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Breast fetishism is a pronounced fetishistic sexual interest in the female breasts: their shape, movement, and especially their size. Breast fetishism is the most common sexual fetish among men in American, European, Japanese cultures. Like any other sexual fetishes or paraphilias, this preference might become psychologically problematic when it develops into a strong fixation and becomes the only means of sexual arousal.


Breast size

Adult humans show more interest in the developed breast than any other animal species. In fact, human females are unique among mammals in developing breasts independently from pregnancy, suggesting that breast development was of some other evolutionary significance to human development. (see Desmond Morris). Anthropologists and sociologists have often tried to explain the obsession with breast size in terms of natural selection and biology but no widely accepted explanation for many men's attraction to big breasts has developed.

In many cultures, breast fetishism often centers on the size of the woman's breasts. Breasts are often perceived as symbols of sexuality and attractiveness to men and the size of the breasts can be particularly important in relation to the impact on the man, depending on culture. This has fuelled the market for breast enlargement surgery for women who feel their breasts are not big enough. Many porn stars have capitalized on the obsession many men seem have with large breasts by having their breasts enlarged to anatomically implausible sizes. With large breast fetishism being common in the United States and Japan, this fixation has increased cultural acceptance of female breast implants.

Some gay men and straight women also idolize breasts to the extent that they consider themselves breast fetishists. "Boobiesexuals: Gay men and straight women lust after bulging breasts too "

Some individuals have a fetishistic preference for large "natural" breasts without breast implants. Natural-appearing breasts are required to become a "Page Three girl" in the English tabloid The Sun. Another magazine featuring the "natural" look is Perfect 10.

Other than size

Not all breast fetishism concerns size. Some fetishists prefer puffy areolae or unusually long or thick nipples. The "puffy" fetish, in particular, can be somewhat controversial because this characteristic is most commonly associated with pubescent girls, though a significant number of adult women also have puffy areolae. There are also fetishes concerned with erotic lactation. While most people seem to prefer firm breasts, there exist those who prefer more flaccid breasts. Many people are also aroused by the movement of breasts, particularly "jiggling" or "bouncing" ones.

Popular culture

Massively breasted female characters are fairly common in Japanese anime, American comic books and video games. Publishers such as Image Comics often feature prodigiously endowed heroines on their covers. Among video games, Tomb Raiders' busty heroine Lara Croft has become a household name and the lead character in a series of movies and comic books.

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