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Bound to Please (magazine) is a bondage magazine published by House of Milan

Bound to Please

  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 1/05 (1972) Male dominant bondage, girl-girl bondage, spanking, fem-dom and Bishop art illustrating each variety of fetish.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 1/06 (1972) Bound at Last, But Knot for me, Gift-wrapped Roommate, A Cinch to Win B2P-1-06 Editorial
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 1/10 (1973) The Bondage Club- 9 luscious damsels initiated into the wild fantastic world of bondage!
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 2/01 (1974) Bishop art, ballgags, the Bondage Club & girl as plant stand.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 2/02 (1974) Bandages, tape, packing ties, rope & more Bishop art.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 2/04 (1974) Tied & tickled & bath towels for Budget Balancers Bondage.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 2/05 (1975) Film review of 'Kidnapped!' with Jennifer Wynn.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 2/07 (1976) Leather straps, ballgags, cuffs, ropes & tickling. Rubbed spine, else
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 2/08 (1976) Serena as dominant, tickled torment & Bishop art.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 2/12 (1978) Chains, ropes, hogties & spread-eagles
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 3/02 (1979) Ropes, chains & straps.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 3/03 (1980) Ropes, straps & ballgags. Lots of lingerie
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 3/04 (1981) Film reviews of 'Cords of Pleasure' & 'The Story Of k'.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 3/06 (1982) Jennifer Brooks, Donna Layne & Monique Leone. Early Andy Adler photography.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 3/07 (1983) Lana Alberts & film review of 'The Auction'. With backpack bondage.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 3/08 (1983) Tricia Allen, Barbara Ryan, Lana Alberts, Pamela Crowley, Dana White, Kim Bittner (aka Pia Snow) & Paula Klaw on Bettie Page.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 3/09 (1984) With Debra Locke, Mariette Stanton, Simone Devon, Lana Alberts, Barbara Ryan, Cody Nichole and part 3 of 'Cassandra's Web'.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 3/12 (1985) With Kim Bittner (a.k.a. Michelle Bauer/ Pia Sands), Nancy Peters, Lois Parton, Sophia Morgan, Veronica Briggs and Tricia Allen.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 4/01 (1986) Simone Devon, Debbie Harris, Kim Bittner, Nancy Peters, Dana White, Sandy Williams, Sara Hampshire, Georgina & Tami Bayer.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 4/02 (1986) With Mary Owens, Mary Lake, Carol Davies, Heide Reisner, Jane Owens and Mary Loren.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 4/04 (1987) Chains, ropes & lingerie.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 4/07 (1987) Kim Bittner (a.k.a. Pia Snow) cover, centerfold & pictorial.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 4/09 (1989) Chains, ropes, gags & ladder bondage.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 4/11 (1990) Nipple clamps, chains & ballgags.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 4/12 (1990) Fountain and Tiffany Storm, Lauren Brice, Danielle McNeil, Barbi, Ariel, Raven & Angel De Ville.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 5/01 (1990) Bunny Bleu, Saber, Cindy Dag, Le Dawn, Jo Kidd, Barbie & Tanya Fox.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 5/02 (1991) Marilyn Rise, Holly Ryde, Tammi Lucci, Intyce Bordeaux, P.J. Kerrington and fiction by Julian Bracque.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 5/03 (1991) Mercy Cast, Cynthia Larkin, Stephanie Rage, Katie West, Shelby, Holly White and "Winnings" by Art Allen.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 5/04 (1992) Red Riding Hood, Shelby, Stephanie Josephson, Patricia Kennedy, Gina Carrea and Nikki Dial.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 5/05 (1993) Tami Monroe, Greta Karlson, Lilli Xene, Alyssa Jarreau, Sonya, Rebecca, fiction by Brad Matthews & art by Bishop.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 5/07 (1993) With Meline Masglow, Tracy Phillips, Michelle M. Markanjevic, Rita, Avalon, Chyanne and fiction by Brad Matthews.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 5/08 (1993) With Lana Sands, Nicole London, Amber Smith, Meline Masglow, Misty Lane, Kelly Dylan, Maile and fiction by Josh Edwards.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 5/09 (1994) Ja Lynn, Nicole London, Chastity, Gina Monroe, Mercedes & BeBe Le Badd.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 5/10 (1994) Alex Jordan, Brittney Stone, Greta Karlson, Shane, Kathy, Amber, Lira & fiction by Brad Matthews.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 5/11 (1994) Angella Faith, Greta Karlson, Krista Maze, Bobbi Brandt, Morgan Navarro & fiction by Ernest Greene.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 6/01 (1995) Rachel Lane, Patricia Kennedy, Alex Jordan, Christina West, Caressa Savage, Boston, Beuhla & Brooke Waters.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 6/02 (1995) Juliette Sevre, Jane Sheldon, Greta Carlson, Lauralie, Candis, Lady E. & fiction by Brad Matthews.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 6/03 (1996) Greta Carlson, Brooke Waters, Penny Frey, Ashleigh Taylor, Red, Persephone & fiction by F. Whelan Jones.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 6/04 (1996) Gema Talons, China Tymicks, June Bauer, Greta Carlson, Ice & fiction by Bob Evans.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 6/05 (1997) Jacklyn Lick, Christina West, Scarlett Fever, Charlie, Eve, Gigi, Treasure & fiction by Arr Allen.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 6/06 (1997) Paisley Hunter, Randi Rage, Brittney Stone, Greta Karlson, Tawny Rae, Ice & fiction by Corey Halloran.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 6/07 (1998) Porsche Lynn, Amanda Morrison, Amber Ellan, Deva Station, Jacklyn Lick, Toni Town, Devin & fiction by Lawrence Selden.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 6/09 (1998) Heaven Leigh, Taylor Moore, Kristen, Deja Blue, Shelly and Dalny Marga. With "Fair Eyes To Heaven" by Fallon Rachelle Abellard.
  • BOUND TO PLEASE. 6/10 (1999) Carmen, Susie, Aleasha Haze, Scarlett Fever, Kelly O'Dell, Lisa Lennox & "Arms and the Woman" by Red Marks.
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