Bondage under the Bigtop

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"Bondage under the Bigtop", 1987,

Review from website:

In this soft core circus bondage movie a naked clown named Bimbo takes an unwilling volunteer from the audience, strips the woman of everything but her panties, binds her hands and feet, puts a bonnet on her and tries to feed her like she is a baby girl, spanks the cutie like she is a misbehaving child being punished, takes off her victims underwear, ties the humiliated female to a chair, sprays her unlucky target with water getting her all wet and finally smashes pies into the nude lady's face for a messy final. There are more foxy girls during various kinky bondage ceremonies in "Bondage Under the Bigtop!" by Barbara Behr. One of them is the future scream queen Michelle Bauer. The cinematography is murky and the sound design is irritating and horrible. If you are into latex and bondage you may give this one a look.

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