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Bondage bed from the Chain Store

A bondage bed is a bed designed or modified for bondage and/or BDSM play. The design typically falls into two main variants;

  • A standard bed designed primarily for sleeping, but which has attachment points for bondage
  • and a table-like piece of furniture with a padded top and multiple fixing points around it.
(This second variant is purely designed for bondage and might be part of a dungeon or playspace.)

Needless to say, most ordinary beds can be quite successfully used for bondage with little or no modification.

Four-poster beds seem almost a natural for bondage beds
Iron bed frames are particularly suited due to their inherent strength and large number of attachment points.
Waterbeds can have screw-eyes inserted directly into the wooden frame.

While some bondage bed manufacturers design their product to be installed in a normal bedroom and usually look quite innocent (if a little gothic) to the casual observer, others have cages built into the base of the bedframe where a slave can be kept while the Master sleeps above.

It is possible to buy inflatable bondage beds; however, a question mark must remain over how effective they are.

Bondage Bed from The Chain Store Catalog

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