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Bondage Photographer was published by House of Milan

BONDAGE PHOTOGRAPHER. 1/03 (1984) With Karen Layne, Cathy Stills, Trudy Cane, Mary Wells, Cheryl Jeffers, Candy Ryan, Debra Locke, Mariette Stanton and bondage by Andy Adler.

BONDAGE PHOTOGRAPHER. 1/04 (1989) Bondage scenarios. 'A Classic Catch' with Aja.

BONDAGE PHOTOGRAPHER. 1/06 (1989) Pagan, Copri Philia, Ashley Renee, Tara Paisly, Kiri Kelly, Angel Devill & Jo Kidd.

BONDAGE PHOTOGRAPHER. 1/07 (1990) With Ashley Renee, Debbie Le Pour, Rebecca Young, Casee, Aja, Dusty and "Questions For Pamela" by Ernest Greene.

BONDAGE PHOTOGRAPHER. 1/08 (1991) With Jennifer Irwin, Stephanie Watkins, Linda Emery, Triana Lemans, Leslie Jackson, Lisa Rubia, Elana Feldman and "Fair Exchange" by Ernest Greene.

BONDAGE PHOTOGRAPHER. 1/10 (1992) With Mercy Cast, Katie West, Avalon, Holly Ryder and P.J. Spanxx. "Late Night Lay-over" by Erin Moore.

BONDAGE PHOTOGRAPHER. 1/11 (1992) With Ashley Renee, Tami Monroe, Stephanie Rage, Randi Jones, Alyssa Jarreau and "A Question of Honesty" by Ernest Greene.

BONDAGE PHOTOGRAPHER. 1/12 (1993) With Ashley Renee, Betsy DeMont, Kathy, Anisa and Katie West.

BONDAGE PHOTOGRAPHER. 2/01 (1994) With Teri Driver, Chanel, Joelle Cooper, BeBe LeBadd and Geneva. "The New House" by Martin Stone.

BONDAGE PHOTOGRAPHER. 2/03 (1994) With Rhonda Cross, Taj Mahal, Geneva, Tyler, Lira, Candi and "The Other End of the Whip" by Faye Darrow.

BONDAGE PHOTOGRAPHER. 2/04 (1994) Desi de'Angelo, Raeven, Rhonda, Isadora Rose, C.J. Bennett, Ashley Renee. "Bound For the Future" by Ernest Greene.

BONDAGE PHOTOGRAPHER. 2/06 (1995) Isadora Rose, Darlene Heart, Juliette Sevre, Shelby, Whitney Prescott. Fiction by Jody Alexander.

BONDAGE PHOTOGRAPHER. 2/07 (1995) Porsche Lynn, Sylja, Crystal Stone, Chloe and "Slave Car" by A.E.

BONDAGE PHOTOGRAPHER. 2/08 (1996) Brook Taylor, Lauralie, Brook Waters, Star Chandler. Fiction by Sadie Marquis.

BONDAGE PHOTOGRAPHER. 2/09 (1996) Keanna, Lae Laymen, Mashelle, Brook Waters. Fiction by Corey Halloran.

BONDAGE PHOTOGRAPHER. 2/10 (1997) K.C. Dylan, Gigi, Esabelle, Hazel Petrault and "Trapped By Obligation" by Josh Edwards.

BONDAGE PHOTOGRAPHER. 2/11 (1997) Randi Rage, Patricia Kennedy, Morella, Alexandra Chareese. Fiction by Red Marks.

BONDAGE PHOTOGRAPHER. 2/12 (1997) Kelly O'Dell, Catalina L'Amour, Randi Rage, Belinda and "A Two Girl Shoot" by Red Marks.

BONDAGE PHOTOGRAPHER. 3/01 (1998) Darby, Kristin, K. C. Dylan, Ashley Renee, Bella and "Theatre du Bondage" by Corey Halloran.


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