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Bondage Photo Treasures (magazine) is a bondage magazine published by Harmony Concepts

Bondage Photo Treasures was published from 1981 until 1990. With issue #31, the magazine changed its name to Love Photo Treasures.

  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #4 (1983) Nude & lingerie photos from past & present: a fabulous cross section of classic & contemporary, personal & professional bondage photographs. Harmony models Pia Sands and Toni Angetelli, photos from the 1979 John Willie calendar and bonus photos from Irving Klaw and Satellite Publishing (circa 1962). Sally Roberts, Judith Wilson, Teri Martine, Lyndia, Cheryl Rothman, Zinncraft, Marni Rose & Andy Adler. Plus amateur photos from the 1950s & 60s.
  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #5 (1983) Never before seen pictures of Sue Halyard, Betty Turner, Toni Angetelli, Libby Curtis and Pia Sands in bondage plus new models Karen Summer, Judy Rhoades and Belinda Browning photographed by Gad. New Coco artwork and 50s Irving Klaw and Satellite photos. Sensational feature: "The best bondage photos I ever took" by Carl Mcguire.
  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #6 (1984) Marilyn Dowling, Joanna Jones, Lyndia, Laurel Blake, Sue Halyard, Toni Angetelli, Karen Summer, Libby Curtis, Belinda Browning, Jayne Richmond and Maria Tortuga. A 12 page John Willie retrospective with illustrations and letters and "The Holdup", retro bondage circa 1955.
  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #7 (1984) Bettie Page, Gayle Jemerson, Dawn Chauvain, Libby Curtis, Holly Summers, Marilyn Dowling, Laurel Blake, Sean Harper's bondage & Irving Klaw material: 1950s - 1960s bondage photos. With tennis and bathing cap bondage.
  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #8 (1984) Cheryl Rothman, Judith Wilson, Sally Roberts, Marilyn Dowling and Jane Richmond. Photography by Richard Volcane, Mark Mar, Jamm and others. Amateur and professional bondage from the 50s & 60s.
  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #9 (1985) Sue Hayward, Margarite Partee, Belinda Browning, Karen Summer, Maria Tortuga & Marilyn Dowling. Nancy Parker by Mark Mar. 5 pages of Irving Klaw bondage & Coco artwork.

  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #11 (1986) A special John Willie section by Carl McGuire. Horsewoman Helga Von Sturm, Heather Irons, Judith Wilson, Cheryl Rothman and photos from Hanby Downs. Vintage bondage circa 40s - 60s.
  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #12 (1986) Marilyn Dowling, Pia Sands (aka Michelle Bauer), Helga Von Sturm, Cynthia Melrose and "rare and wonderful" John Willie artwork. Italian "Fumetti" and "fotoromanzi" bondage comics and photostories.
  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #13 (1986) Irving Klaw section marking the 10th anniversary of Harmony's 1st magazine. Saudelli comic strip on the "Behind the Scenes" at the Irving Klaw studios. Klaw artist "Jay", Dixie South, Simon Devon, Sally Roberts, Sara Foster Tate & Laurel Blake. Many photos from the 50s & 60s.
  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #14 (1986) Photos by Hanby Downs, Clive Machan, Mr. T, Richard Volcane, Sir Frank and John Savage. Laurel Blake, Sally Roberts, Betty Turner, Pia Sands & Sarah Foster Tate. Comic by Saudelli and bondage Italian style - part 2.
  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #15 (1986) Crystal Breezein riding gear, Laurel Blake & Pia Sands. Photos taken by "The Manhattanite" in 1961 at the apartment , and under the supervision of John Willie - the model is identified as "D" (but we know better). John Willie's "Diary of a French Maid" . Bondage comics from abroad and pulps from the 30s & 40s. Photos by Hanby Downs, JayDee, Brody, John Floyd.
  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #16 (1987) Cover girl Laurel Blake in white spandex by John Floyd. Sarah Foster Tate, Hanby Downs photos, more photos of John Willie's model "D" by "A Manhattanite", Italian bondage comics (fumetti) and amateur bondage circa 1960.
  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #17 (1987) Bringing you the classics of bondage photos and art- Satellite publishers & early Klaw Artist 'Jay' revisited. With Laurel Blake, Dottie Von Dryk, Tina Gentle, Heather Irons and Marilyn Dowling, bound equestrienne.
  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #20 (1988) Bondage old and new for collectors and appreciators. Debra Lee, Marilyn Dowling, Olivia Chase, Katrina, Susan Blair, Sarah Foster Tate and Kiri Kelly as Topanga Tess. With art by Irving Klaw artists Mory and Jay and Hanby Downs photos.
  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #21 (1988) Laurel Blake, Judith Wilson, Sarah Foster Tate, Tiana Cambridge, Pia Sands (aka Michelle Bauer) in spandex, bondage as seen in Wonder Woman comics, Mory and Jay artwork and Satellite bondage.
  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #22 (1988) 14 page Irving Klaw lookalike section by Simone Devon with a bound Sharon Beacon, plus Tiana Cambridge, Kiri Kelly, Katrina, Bonnie Bondrite, Sarah Foster Tate & Marilyn Dowling.
  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #24 (1989) Marilyn Dowling, [[[Judith Wilson]], Sally Roberts, Kiri Kelly, Helga Von Sturm, Allison Brach & Tiana Cambridge. With photos from the "Manhattanite" and John Hewson's bondage watercolors.
  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #25 (1989) Marguerite Partee, Allison Brach, Geri Alcott, Maria Tortuga, Lorraine Vanowen, Debra Lee, [Judith Wilson]], Bonnie & Cynthia Melrose.
  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #26 (1989) Carmen Mateos, Brandy Morgan, Sarah Foster Tate, Allison Brach, Marley Haze, Olivia Chase, Kiri Kelly & Linda Knight. With photos by the "Manhattanite", Hanby Downs and amateur Irving Klaw shots.
  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #27 (1989) Linda Knight, Tanya Fox, Amanda Chase Parker, Betsy Demont, Jessica Hunter, Alison Brach, Marley Haze, Lorraine Vanowen, Carmen Mateos, Kiri Kelly, Elise Di Medici & amateur bondage from the 50's. With illustrations from Jay's "Hi-Heel Slaves of Fashion".
  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #28 (1990) Rochelle Young, Carmen Mateos, Laura Lee, Tanya Fox, Tiana Cambridge, Maria Tortuga, Elise Di Medici, Allison Brach, Kiri Kelly, Marley Haze, Noelle Nielson, Sandra Gaffey, Amanda Chase Parker & Betsy Demont.
  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #29 (1990) [Judith Wilson]], Amanda Chase Parker, Nichole Thomas, Whitney Prescott, Betsy Demont, Kiri Kelly, Allison Brach, Laurel Blake, Marley Haze, Rochelle Young, Brandy Morgan, Lorraine Vanowen & Krista Mallory. With artwork by Saudelli.
  • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES. #30 (1990) Nichole Thomas, Whitney Prescott, Kiri Kelly, Betsy Demont, Debbie Cook, Lorraine Vanowen, Teri Rose, Raven Cole, Rachel Wells, Diane Lacey, Lisa Wesley, Sharon Beacon, Laurel Blake, Ashley Rene, Krista Mallory, Marley Haze, Rochelle Young, Sarah Foster Tate & Allison Brach.
    • BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES becomes LOVE BONDAGE TREASURES starting with issue 31 **


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