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Bondage Parade was published by Harmony Concepts

Table of Contents

  • Bondage Parade #2 (1980) Libby Curtis, Angelina Ferrar, Michelle Page, Kelly Winston, Jana Sanders, Diane Jagger, Juliet Maitland & Tammy Edwards
  • Bondage Parade #3 (1980) Candy Austin, Rita Gilbert, Cody Nichole, Sofia Riga, Dixie South, Libby Curtis, Michelle Page, Angelina Ferrar & Juliet Maitland
  • Bondage Parade #4 (1981) Jennifer West & Cody Nichole in "Jennifer's Bondage Fantasy" A 16 page cartoon featuring the bondage models of Harmony, by Lisa Slade Fiction: "Industrial Espionage" by Brian Sands
  • Bondage Parade #5 (1981) Sofia Riga, Cody Nichole, Niki Norman, Joanna Stephan, Marin Adams, Jane Thomas, Lyndia & Cheryl Rothman
  • Bondage Parade #6 (1982) Cover girl Laurel Blake Suzanne Bavardent Lyndia meets the "Bondage Wife" photo sequence from 1974 Maria Tortuga by Sean Harper Teri Martine as "Nurse in Bondage" Cody Nichole, Candy Austin and Pamela Braneston as "Cheerleaders in Bondage"
  • Bondage Parade #9 (1983) Bound beauties: Betty Turner, Pia Sands (Michelle Bauer) Sands, Laurel Blake, Cody Nichole, Libby Curtis, Maria Tortuga and Sue Halyard All new "By the People" section with personal photos, letters & drawings Australia's Bobby and Tara Hamilton How to Bondage workshop: Leather cuffs
  • Bondage Parade #10 (1983) Damsels in distress photo sequences starring cover girl Sue Halyard, Margarite Partee, Betty Turner, Maria Tortuga, Laurel Blake by Mark Mar, Teri Martine in bridal bondage Tara Hamilton in ropes, gags & black high heel rubber boots Original artwork by Europe's Coco Expanded "by the people" section
  • Bondage Parade #11 (1983) Composed completely of reader contributions Jean in jeopardy Bondage wife TB's wife in bondage (circa 1962) Betty and her bowling ball Tara Hamilton Coco artwork & photos by Brody
  • Bondage Parade #12 (1984) Words & photos from authentic bondage people Completely "by the people" for your pleasure & theirs! Sara and Robyn by Atreus Silk Scarf bondage by Image Photos by Brody Jean & Roy in bondage Craupadine Fiction, illustrations and letters

  • Bondage Parade #13 (1984) 'Completely by the people' New bondage photos of bonafide amateur bondage enthusiasts Jamm Productions Scarf bondage by Richard Volcane England's Jean and Roy
  • Bondage Parade #14 (1984) Readers photos, letters and fiction Coco illustrations Photos by Richard Volcane, Atreus, Jamm Productions
  • Bondage Parade #15 (1985) A mostly 'by the people' issue With Sarah Foster Tate, Tara Hamilton Fiction: "The Perfect Gift" by Jeff Sinclair, "Wheelchair Bound" by BB Coco illustrations
  • Bondage Parade #16 (1985) Authentic bondage photos, letters and fiction completely "by the people" Fiction: "Amanda's Blessings" by John Sinclair Artwork by Coco, Helga Von Sturm by Volcane Sarah Foster Tate by Atreus Photos by Jamm productions NF $2000
  • Bondage Parade #18 (1985) Lovely new bondage scenes, personal letters and fictions by and for love bondagers Helga Von Sturm, Jamm Productions, Handy Downs, Monika Coco illustrations Fiction: "Anniversary Gift" by Jeff Sinclair
  • Bondage Parade #19 (1986) Reader's personal photos: West Germany's Monika, Jamm Productions Fiction: "Drafted Draftsman" by Jeff Sinclair Artwork by Tarsis
  • Bondage Parade #20 (1986) Photos, artwork, letters, fiction created by amateur 'love bondagers' from around the world photos by Hanby Downs, Richard Volcane, JR of Ohio, Sean Harper, Roy and Jean of England, Jamm Productions and Clive Machan Fiction: "Velvet and Oiled Silk" by Jeff Sinclair and illustrated by Tarsis
  • Bondage Parade #21 (1986) Pia Sands, Laurel Blake, Debra Lee Hanby Downs photos from the 70s Fiction: "Bathed in Bondage" by Jeff Sinclair with illustrations by Tarsis
  • Bondage Parade #27 (1988) The best in love bondage both amateur and professional: Tiana Cambridge, Helga Von Sturm, Laurel Blake, Sarah Foster Tate & Marley Haze Fiction: "Amanda's Turn" by Jeff Sinclair with illustrations by Tarsis
  • Bondage Parade #29 (1988) Featuring Laurel Blake, Tiana Cambridge, Olivia Chase, Kiri Kelly & Elise Di Medici with a few bondage-loving amateurs intimately and affectionately bound by their mates Fiction: "The Singular Occurrences at Tremayne Manor" by Jerry Wilde with illustrations by Tarsis
  • Bondage Parade #30 (1988) Laurel Blake, Debbie Christensen, Kiri Kelly, Marilyn Dowling, Marley Haze & Tiana Cambridge Volcane photo gallery Fiction: "Seraglio - part 1" by Jeff Sinclair with Tarsis illustrations

  • Bondage Parade #31 (1989) Tiana Cambridge, Sarah Foster Tate, Kiri Kelly, Monika Scarf bondage by Volcane Do it Yourself bondage workshop: the 'John Willie' post Fiction: "The Lady and the Tiger" by Jeff Sinclair illustrated with photos of Lorraine Vanowen by Kristine Imboch
  • Bondage Parade #33 (1989) Opal (Chap5) by Tarsis, Jessica Hunter, Tanya Fox, Elise De Medici, Amanda Chase Parker & a chastity belt workshop
  • Bondage Parade #38 (1991) The second swimsuit issue: "Lovely bikini bound models and amateur photos Allison Brach, Cori Keisham, Toshiko Ryan, Darla Crane and Kiri Kelly Fiction: "Sarge", a bondage fantasy by Raymond Shaw
  • Bondage Parade #39 (1991) Ona Zee, Teri Rose, Rebecca Saber, Amanda Chase Parker & Tina L'Atria, Sarah Foster Tate Reader's letters, photos and artwork
  • Bondage Parade #43 (1993) Raquel Siento, Darla Crane, Willow, Angella Faith & Dyta Darwin Fiction: "Cast Into Bondage" by Jeff Sinclair, illustrated by "M"

  • Bondage Parade #44 (1993) Tanya Fox, Raquel Siento, Samantha Adams, and Willow Reader's photos Fiction: "Diana's Dream" by Jeff Sinclair
  • Bondage Parade #45 (1994) April Collins, Willow, Misty Hammond, Lindsey Ryan, Julia Leahy, reader's photos, Bryan Davis bondage & video highlights
  • Bondage Parade #46 (1994) Elaine Bond Feature on Bryan Davis bondage & video highlights Reader's photos Fiction: "Rescue" writen and illustrated by CL Foster
  • Bondage Parade #47 (1994) Cover girl Tori Sinclair, Alexis (Payne) Reid, Jay Edward's 'private session with Claudia' & Tatiana Varga Fiction: "First Encounter" by William Davis
  • Bondage Parade #50 (1996) Cover girl Anna, Darla Crane feature Video highlights, reader photos and letters Fiction: "A Day in the Life" by John Elliot
  • Bondage Parade #51 (1996) Star Chandler and Cindi, Christy Stray, Cheyenne, Anita and Raquel Video highlights and reader's photos
  • Bondage Parade #52 (1997) Video highlights and reader's photos Ilonka, Jewell Marceau, Christina West & Olivia Chase
  • Bondage Parade #55 (1998) Tori Sinclair, Queenie Avalon, Lady Shoes, Kelly Ashton, Sadie Atkins, Betty Lane & Morgan Phoenix
  • Bondage Parade #56 (1999) Rachel, Maddie, Cleo Nichole, Stella DuBois, Nadine, Eliza, Mary, Leah, Mrs K C and Star Chandler With "Tie Me Now" by Roland River
  • Bondage Parade #57 (1999) Stacy Burke, Stella DuBois, Star Chandler, Laura Lee, Mrs SC, Ambrosia, Esmerelda, Heather, Nicollette, Celeste, Andrea Lakes, Brandy, Morgan Phoenix, Catherine Beaumont and Rachel
  • Bondage Parade #61 (2001)Leah, Talia Monet and many many reader photo contributions
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