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Last Issue

Bondage Life was a bondage magazine produced by Harmony Concepts and was published in the years 1976-2001. Unlike most bondage magazines, it contained substantial amounts of editorial content, and featured articles, readers' letters, and readers' artwork, stories and photography, in addition to professional content.

Harmony's editorial policy specialised in what they described as "love bondage", and can be regarded as an influential publication in the movement of BDSM towards the mainstream.

The pages of Bondage Life were filled with letters "By The People", photos of professional and amateur models, interviews, stories, and "memories". Although it was designed and published as "females in love bondage", in later years it also had a "Bound for Controversy" column that contained pictures of bound males.

Issue number 79 (shown at right) was the next to last issue published, and it was the last issue in which Carl McGuire's famous "Bound for Hollywood" column was printed.

I have tried to compile a complete set of magazine cover art in Bondage Life (magazine),

Bondage Life (magazine) was published by Harmony Concepts

BONDAGE LIFE. #1 (1978)
Premier issue. Joanne Link, Jennifer Miles, Miranda Foster, Dawn Chauvain, Gwen Dolan, Joanna Jones and Alana Cole. With a bondage buyer's guide, bondage yoga and how to tie a contortionist.
BONDAGE LIFE. #2 (1978)
Joanne Link, Jennifer Miles, Gwen Dolan, Miranda Foster, Dawn Chauvain and Alana Cole. With Bondage Wife and Bondage Waif scenario and a primer on wrist ties.
BONDAGE LIFE. #3 (1978)
Jennifer West, Excerpt from "At the Villa Rose" by A. E. W Mason, a conversation with Eric Stanton, Cheryl Rothman, Emma String, Jennifer Miles and bathing cap beauties by Irving Klaw
BONDAGE LIFE. #4 (1979)
Anne Harris, interview with Dominatrix Miss Vickie Lou, Dawn Chauvain, Alana Cole, Jennifer Miles, Emma String and Jennifer West. Outdoor bondage primer, Bondage Wife and Waif part 3 and chapter 1 of "Holiday" by Brian Sands.
Teri Davis, Anna Neider, Stephanie Strand, Jane Thomas, Shannon Hale, Bodage Buyers Guide. "Captive" by Brian Sands
BONDAGE LIFE. #9 (1981)
Interview with the Bishop by Geoffrey Merrick, plus Jennifer West, Dawn Chauvain, Laurel Blake, Cody Nichole, Judith Wilson, Sally Roberts and Lonnie Sanders (4 pages including centerfold)
BONDAGE LIFE. #10 (1981)
Cody Nichole, Dawn Chauvain, Lani Hunt, Sally Roberts, Jennifer West, Judith Wilson, Cheryl Rothman, Lyndia, Angelina Ferrar and Laurel Blake. Chapter 1 of "The Mansion" by George Arthur Green.
BONDAGE LIFE. #11 (1982)
Maria Tortuga, Pia Sanda (aka Michelle Bauer, Dawn Chauvain, Judith Wilson, Teri Martine and Laurel Blake. Barbara Steele in Bound For Hollywood and part 2 of "The Mansion" by George Arthur Green.
BONDAGE LIFE. #16 (1984)
'Gwendoline' comes to the screen: a special report. With Sarah Foster Tate and the final chapter of "The Mansion" by George Arthur Green.
BONDAGE LIFE. #17 (1984)
A mostly 'By the People' issue. With Sarah Foster Tate, Volcane's scarf bondage and "Bondage Lesson Well Taught" by Knebel Lieber.
BONDAGE LIFE. #18 (1984)
Tara Hamilton, Sarah Foster Tate, Robyn Ann Mason, Gayle Jemerson & scarf bondage. .
BONDAGE LIFE. #19 (1985)
Sarah Foster Tate with Tara Hamilton, Ginger Jackson and Carl McGuire's look at Bettie Page with Dave Stevens artwork.
BONDAGE LIFE. #23 (1986)
Michelle Bauer
BONDAGE LIFE. #26 (1986)
A mostly 'By the People' issue. With Sarah Foster Tate, Crystal Breeze, Pia Sands (aka Michelle Bauer) & Monika. Part 4 of JQT's "The Bondage Studio".
BONDAGE LIFE. #27 (1987)
Sarah Foster Tate, Pia Sands (Michelle Bauer) Brittany Lane, Debra Lee and "Lady Caroline" by Warwick.
BONDAGE LIFE. #29 (1987)
Sarah Foster Tate, Jan Franklin, Jamie Jean, Gwen D. Lynn and Joanne Elsinore by Simone Devon, Kiri Kelly with Michael Keye, Laurel Blake and artwork by Robert Blue. Part 1 of "Bondage Maiden" by Thomas Sloane and "Palestra Audacia" by Massimo Rotundo.
BONDAGE LIFE. #30 (1987)
Lady Caroline in the flesh, Tiana Cambridge, Monika, Sharon Beacon, Marley Haze, Simone Devon's replications of John Willie photos and Debra Lee. With "Maid To Obey" by Jane Johnson and "Pleasures From Cherokee" by Clyde Holt.
BONDAGE LIFE. #33 (1988)
Elise di Medici also known as Desi D'Angelo
BONDAGE LIFE. #34 (1988)
Volcane's scarf bondage, the art of Carlo, Sharon Beacon, Olivia Chase, Sarah Foster Tate and Debbie Christiansen. With "For the Love of Jared" by Jeff Sinclair and Brian Tarsis' "Opal" part 1.
BONDAGE LIFE. #44 (1991)
Laurel Blake, Sarah Foster Tate in red rubber, Darla Crane tied by Kiri Kelly, Kiri Kelly by Volcane and Amy Jae. Chelsea Pfeiffer gives wrist tying techniques
BONDAGE LIFE. #50 (1993)
Whitney Prescott, Laurel Blake, Tory Sinclair, Melonie Moore, Darla Crane in Chelsea Pfeiffer's web, Willow & Summer. With a retrospective on the bondage models of Harmony's past and "A Special Gift" by Edwin Morrow.
BONDAGE LIFE. #51 (1993)
Laurel Blake, Lacey Travis, Tory Sinclair by Jay Edwards, Becca & Ashley Rene. "A Personal Matter" by John S.
BONDAGE LIFE. #52 (1993)
Darla Crane tied by Chelsea Pfeiffer, Jennifer by Jay Edwards, Daytona, Monika, Becca, Allison Brach & Willow.
BONDAGE LIFE. #53 (1993)
Marita by Jay Edwards, Ashley Rene, Mistress Stephanie Locke and Chastity in a straitjacket.
BONDAGE LIFE. #54 (1994)
Daytona by Simone Devon, Chelsea Pfeiffer's chair ties, Alexis Reid, Isis Nile, Darla Crane, Taylor Dennis, Sheena Loveland & Elaine Bond.
BONDAGE LIFE. #55 (1994)
Lindsey Ryan, Kaoru Kobayashi, Nichole Thomas, Samantha Adams, Allison Brach stocking tied by Chelsea Pfeiffer, Tory Sinclair, Alexandra Scott & Elise Di Medici.
BONDAGE LIFE. #55 (1994)
BONDAGE LIFE. #56 (1994)
Darla Crane, Ashley Rene, Chloe Dietrich, Claudia, Elaine Bond and Willow. With "Girl's Knight Out" by Saruman.
BONDAGE LIFE. #57 (1994)
Mary Lee and TIna Marie by Bryan Davis, Juliette Sevre, Laurel Blake, a discourse with Mistress Alexis by Star Chandler and artwork by Turk. With "Happy Ending" by Jeff Sinclair.
BONDAGE LIFE. #55 (1988)
Elise di Medici also known as Desi D'Angelo
BONDAGE LIFE. #58 (1995)
Kristen Gilmour, Whitney Prescott, Catherine Beaumont tied by Kristine Imboch, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Darla Crane, Chloe Dietrich, Helena Drew, Daphne Meadows, Summer Knight & Ronnie Avignone. With an interview of Mistress Jaqueline by Star Chandler.
BONDAGE LIFE. #59 (1995)
Daphne Meadows, Tory Sinclair, Darla Crane, Lindsey Ryan, Simone Devon, Stephanie Locke tying Amy Sutter, Stacie A. & an art review of Eric Kroll.
BONDAGE LIFE. #60 (1995)
Valerie Vanowen, Misty Hammond, Annabelle Dayne & Sara Jane Hamilton.
BONDAGE LIFE. #61 (1995)
Stacie A., Nancy Clifton, Karina, Sarah Foster Tate, Tanya Fox & an interview with Mistress Olivia Outre. "The Mansion Book 2" part 1 by George Arthur Green.
BONDAGE LIFE. #62 (1996)
Morgan Phoenix- equestrienne in peril, Simone Devon in suspension, Catharine Beaumont, Willow, Sylja Kuryakin, Juliette Sevre & Elaine Bond. With part 2 of "The Mansion Book 2" by George Arthur Green.
BONDAGE LIFE. #63 (1996)
Ariele Cole, Brandi Smith, Darla Crane, Isadora Rhodes, Bryan Davis on suspension & Sharon in cling wrap. Chapter 2 of "The Mansion Book 2" by George Arthur Green.
BONDAGE LIFE. #64 (1996)
Morgan Phoenix, Angella Faith, Ariele Cole, an interview with Kristine Imboch, Betty Lane & Harmony's women on bondage. Chapter 3 of "The Mansion Book 2" by George Arthur Green.
BONDAGE LIFE. #65 (1996)
Sharon, Morgan Phoenix, WIllow & Christy Stray. With self bondage techniques by Star Chandler & "Spy Game" by Frank Knebel.
BONDAGE LIFE. #66 (1997)
Sarah Foster Tate, Becca, Tory Sinclair, Catalina L'Amour, Sharon Kane interview & Angella Faith. Chapter 4 of "The Mansion Book 2" by George Arthur Green.
BONDAGE LIFE. #67 (1997)
Kristine Imboch tied to the tracks, Jennifer West, Star Chandler interview & Angella Faith gets panties over her head. Chapter 5 of "The Mansion Book 2" by George Arthur Green.
BONDAGE LIFE. #68 (1997)
Elaine Bond, Allison Brach, Jennifer West & Kelly Ashton, Leah, Morgan Phoenix, Janice Johnson & an interview with Alexis Payne.
BONDAGE LIFE. #69 (1997)
Lady Leah, Anne Stonebrook, Tori Sinclair, Kelly Ashton, Kelsie Chambers and an interview with Summer Knight Chapter 6 of "The Mansion Book 2" by George Arthur Green.
BONDAGE LIFE. #70 (1998)
Catalina L'Amour, Allison Brach, Anne Stonebrook, Kelsie Chambers, Stacy Burke, Lady Leah & an interview with Kelly Ashton Chapter 7 of "The Mansion Book 2" by George Arthur Green.
BONDAGE LIFE. #71 (1998)
Interview with Allison Brach & Kelsie Chambers, Catalina L'Amour, Sarah Foster Tate & many unknowns. "The Mansion", Book Two, chapter 8
BONDAGE LIFE. #72 (1998)
The art of Eric Stanton & Saudelli, Catherine Beaumont, Morgan Phoenix & an interiew with Chelsea Pfeiffer.
BONDAGE LIFE. #73 (1998)
Saudelli artwork, Coco's 'The Adventures of Lady Ligotage', Eve Ellis, Devin DeMoore, Danielle Fellini & Kristine Imboch. $8.00
BONDAGE LIFE. #73 (1998)
Lorelei (aka Kristine Imboch)
BONDAGE LIFE. #74 (1999)
BONDAGE LIFE survey by Dolores Cortez, Carl McGuire's influences, Anne Stonebrook and Jon Woods' "Candid Damsel".
BONDAGE LIFE. #75 (1999)
Carl McGuire's Out of the Trunk with Eros Archives, Nikki Steele, Eve Ellis, Andrea Neal, Bobbie Tawse and Dolores Cortez.
BONDAGE LIFE. #76 (1999)
Darby Daniels, Stacy Burke, Dorothy Lane, Andrea Neal, Shayna Clark, Eve Ellis, Becca and Marilyn (behind the green chair)
BONDAGE LIFE. #78 (Jan 2000)
Oceana (on cover), Leah, Eve Ellis, Sharon Kane, Jewel Marceau interview, bondage timeline, Mrs KC,
BONDAGE LIFE. #79 (2000)
Stacy Burke as Holly Harmony, Carl McGuire's last Bound For Hollywood, an interview with Eve Ellis, Brittney Andrews, Lady Leah, Dorian Grant, Venus De Light, Cassie Sheridan and more.
BONDAGE LIFE. #82 (2001)
Lorelei (aka Kristine Imboch)
Julie Simone Robert Harmon, Eric Holman, Brian Tarsis, Carl McGuire, Jon Woods, Oak O'Kork - "The Loft" Part 6


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