Bondage (book)

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Bondage (book)
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By: Laura Manson Stansfield
Pages 516 pages
Publisher Goliath Books (August 1, 2000)
Language English
ISBN-10 3980587614
ISBN-13 978-3980587617
Dimensions 7.3 x 5.6 x 1.3 inches
Ship wt 2.1 pounds
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Bondage: Laura Manson Stansfield Photocollection Review

By A. Dan "simoril" (israel)

The story behind this book is what attracted me to it on the first place, a turning point in the way the world view porn and fetish photography, images which are obscene and provocative, and was still used as evident in a trail. I love those type of 50's and 60's porn, and so i thought it would appeal to me both on the turn on level and a philosophical and artistically level (which is what i usually look for in erotic photography), the cover photo looked promising as well.

I was fairly disappointed, this book has loads of material in it, but the quality of scans and print is really bad, some of the photos looks as if they were downloaded from the net or scanned in a low resolutions on a home scanner, and they are small and unaranged on the page and within the book, the book's pretty small, and those big white frames make it some of the photos seem like passport photos on a black page. The white and black balance are really bad in some of it.

I know this is archives material and that probably parts of this collection weren't it the bast state to begin with, but really - that doesn't justify such an amateur production.

I still recommend it, since it a very wide collection and the story behind it is fascinating to me, but if you are just looking for cool turn on photos from the 50's and 60's there are some much better books.

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