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Body Fluids are defined as any or all fluids in the human body:

The fluid on mucous membranes such as eye, mouth and throat.
Urine is a sterile, liquid by-product of the body that is secreted by the kidneys through a process called urination and excreted through the urethra. Cellular metabolism generates numerous by-products, many rich in nitrogen, that require elimination from the bloodstream. These by-products are eventually expelled from the body in a process known as micturition, the primary method for excreting water-soluble chemicals from the body. These chemicals can be detected and analyzed by urinalysis. Amniotic fluid is closely related to urine, and can be analyzed by amniocentesis.
Vaginal secretions
Seminal fluids produced before and after ejaculation

This page is designed for the person interested in turning professional. If you are collecting money and exchanging of body fluids, you are probably breaking local prostitution laws, and you are probably not being very smart.

There are many, many books written about 'Body Fluid Safety'. This page will simply define a few major points.

There is a lot of information discussing how fragile the AIDS retro-virus is. There is more information suggesting how easy or how difficult it is to contract Herpes simplex and Hepatitis

The human body was designed to protect itself from viral, retro-viral and bacterial agents. If you allow your body to get over-heated, over-worked or over-stressed, your defenses will become limited. There are also many inexpensive barriers to protect yourself and/or your client.

At BackDrop, one major problem that we consistently bump into is the old fashioned cold. A client comes in, sneezes and blows his nose on Kleenex or his handkerchief. When the session is over, he opens the door transferring his germs to the door knob. The next person entering or leaving the room transfers those germs from door knob to hand to nose to lungs.

We have found a really great antibacterial called A-33. (I just did a quick search for "A-33 bacterial"; Yahoo responded with over 150 cites!) It is really great because, in spite of its potency, it is not lethal to humans or pets, which also makes it an effective 'toy cleaner'. Anecdotal evidence would also indicate a significant reduction in "Staff Infections". <G>

In closing

For quite some time during my electronics career, I worked designing, building and installing Nuclear Biomedicine Equipment and Amino-Acid Analyzers. (If you are interested, you can read my resume.) I am pretty knowledgeable in this area, but I am not going to get into a lot of ‘well versed, bio-speak’ here. If you are interested in learning more, Eastern Kentucky University has a really great explanation called Bio 301 which has a lot of easily read and easily understood information.


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