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Blunder Broad is a fictional character, created in the 1970s by artist Eric Stanton and writer Turk Winter and used by the authors in a great number of pornographic BDSM stories, published over the years in black and white. Blunder Broad, an obvious parody of Wonder Woman, is an inept superheroine who continually fails in her missions and is raped and tortured by her enemies, among whom a lesbian supervillainess variably called Leopard Lady, Pussycat Galore, or Cheetah, and her male sidekick Count Dastardly. Blunder Broad can be deprived of her superstrength when subjected to cunnilingus.

Blunder Broad has proved over the years to be one of Stanton's most popular fetish creations.

Blunder Broad Chapters

  • Chapter 15: While dreamily masturbating in a covered glen, B-B is abducted by strange aliens from space. The Penious people bind the balluptuous beauty and pole-anchor her aboard their vessel. Art by Stanton. Story by Turk Winter.
  • Chapter 16: Stripped naked by alien scientists! Spring bonds hold her flat upon the flexible-examining table as she is invaded with obscenely shaped appendages. That is until a humanoid, yet alien female creature, quite green of skin with a wrist-thick Princksnake interrupts the penetrating Penoids. By Stanton.
  • Chapter 17: Having been tested, probed, raped fore aft and sideways, she is put in tinkley chains with her raven-black mane roped and dragged down between her warm intimate cleavage. Back on solid terra firma, its back to glorious vengeful mayhem again. The Robosexulator takes its toll on the grass skinned hermaphrodite.
  • Chapter 18: Having successfully defeated the Penoids, male and female with her fighting prowess, Blundie escapes only to find herself trapped in the Princkarioum and has to again do battle with her vaunted adversary, Pussygirl. Superchick enters the fray only to find her body hurled into the Penoid conception vat and then chained in sacrifice before the massive two-pronged monster, Duodorc.
  • Chapter 19: The inanimate Blundie is rescued from the ravenous penoids by Superfuzz who, when attempting to seduce the gorgeous girl, is sat upon and over-powered by her lofty charms. Not trusting the horny kid she ties him up for a safe night's sleep. She thinks. Art by Stanton. Story by Turk Winter.
  • Chapter 20: Blunder Broad encounters one of her penoidal daughters in a fantastic female fight ending in bondage. Two big women bash it out.
  • Chapter 21: Pussygirl has Blundie and Superchick in unique bondage and sexually abuses their helpless bodies for Dr. Nyet's delight.
  • Chapter 22: A vicious cat fight with Pussygirl, using the bound , not so super heroines as punching bags.
  • Blunder Broad Chapter 23: Blundie, Superchick and some Long-missing heroines are captives of two horny orientals whose purpose is to degrade and abuse them and defuse their abilities as crime fighters. Stanton and Turk Winter.
  • Chapter 24: Our heroines are pitted against a group of martial art fiends and have to fight their way out of life-threatening situations.
  • Chapter 25: The not-so-super heroines are caught in a lesbian situation. But is it by desire or demand? A loving bath scene turns into one hell of a love bout enjoyed by their voyeuristic captor.
  • Chapter 26: Blundie and Superchick are CropoDINED, spreadeagled, debased and later dismissed, deprived of their superpowers.
  • Chapter 27: Bad times in the superheroine trade! Superchick turned into a plow horse! (mare?) Blunder Broad becomes a ponygirl for sinister enemies!
  • Chapter 28: America's premiere superheroine, losing an even match (three against her) is reduced to a long scene of enforced licking, lapping, lesbian activity with her arch-enemy Leopard Lady!
  • Chapter 29: Presiding over it all, page after tits-popping page: The insidious (and ever-horny) Doktor Weerde. Miss this special all-Blundie book and you may qualify as dumb enough to star in the next one! Stanton and Turk Winter.
  • Chapter 30: Malicia, Blundie's vicious Amazonian rival, long envied B.B. And all her wonderful adventures. Finding Blundie enjoying a quiet evening at home, Mala overpowers, binds and disrobes her and makes an interesting discovery: Blundie's lactation! This broad has more milk than a purebred Jersey. Usurping her identity, Malicia sets out to begin her own degrading adventures. Stanton and Turk Winter.
  • Chapter 31: Having succeeded in her goal to replace B.B. In this man's world that Malicia sees as so exotic, she proceeds to hand the weakened heroine over to a group of drug dealing sexual sadists who really give it to Ms. Super-tits. Then back at home and tied to a four-poster while her antagonist finds excitement in a strange pair of degenerates.
  • Chapter 32: Blunder Broad Assaulted
  • Chapter 36: "Hallowe'en Nightmare" - Our Hapless heroine becomes an inmate -- er, guest -- in no less than Frankenstein's Castle. Only now it belongs to the wicked Sir Dystic! Those two bad brats Sherry and Brandy are back and Blundie's got 'em -- like a bad cold, only it hurts more. Then a disguised Pussygirl invades the office and wait'll you see the pencils gag, the telephone dildo, and the wire-recorder breast bondage! Fired for "playing bondage games" on the job, Blundie runs into Freddy…what a nightmaer! And then it's to the castle, where await the Mysterious Countess and that rat Sir Dystic.
  • Chapter 37 "Captive of Castle Frankenstein" - What a crowd in Frankenstein's Castle! They are all here (even Bride of Frankenstein)…the Mysterious Countess, that rat Sir Dystic - who now owns the place, and guess where he got the money! - and Pussygirl. They pit poor Blundie against the black amazonian fighter SABLE (from BB 26) in a hell of a fight. After that she's forced to act as a sex-slave, toilet-slave, slave-slave, and you do NOT want to miss seeeing Dystic rack Blundie by the ankles and breasts! Stanton and Turk Winter.
  • Chapter 38: "Blundie The Human Toy " - By Stanton & Winter It's two-for-one night at the old ballpark as Blundie and her mysterious super heroine rescuer of book 37 are captured, em-bondaged, whipped, stuffed, demeaned, dildoed, humiliated ... did we mention hurt some, too? ... separately, by two masked bad-asses ... including the diabolical new super villain on the block, TOYBOY, whose cruel devices are NOT toys!!!
  • Chapter 39 "Sex-Slave!" - The newest mix of pain, bondage, humiliation and humor, with Winter's stuck firmly in his cheek... and a BEAUTIFUL STRIPPING/SINGLE-GLOVING/SADDLE-STRAPPING sequence. The ordeals of Blundie and her new friend(?) Betty Gage continue at the hands of the mocking TOYBOY and nefarious FACELESS, with both beauties forced to serve hors d'oeuvre s — on toothpicks embedded in breasts and butts! ...AND used as sexual toys by several captors, AND forced into lesbian “love” ... AND given the old pie-in-the-face treatment... All Over!
  • Chapter 40, "The Trouble With Nipples" - Blundie's pal Invincible Knight thinks the way our Heroine's nipples stab' out inside her costume is not how a Famous Crime-fighter should appear. So Blundie goes to Dr. Zitz Pubic for special treatment... And gets a LOT more than she bargained for!


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