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Bizarre Magazine 11

John Willie began publishing Bizarre magazine in 1946. After publishing twenty issues, he moved to Los Angeles in 1957. Bizarre magazine issue #26 was published in 1959.

The introduction page of #26 contains a plea for an editor to help with the continuation of the publishing of Bizarre magazine.

All twenty six issues are filled with stories, articles, drawings and photos by John Willie. There are also articles on how to make everything from converting high heels to stilettos, to making bondage equipment. The pages are filled with fetish fashions including heels, petticoats, corsets and bondage.

Most of the issues have a section of articles and/or letters written by the readers.

Taschen Reprint

Taschen and Eric Kroll have produced "The Complete Reprint of John Willie's Bizarre".

For anyone interested in historical erotica, I would very strongly suggest that you add this book to your library.

As one person put it: "this book is on my list of books I'll own 'til they scatter my ashes into the wind!"

I would suggest you pick this up any way you can. As Eric Kroll says in the intro to the books, John Willie was one of the pioneers in fetish photography and drawing. Now everything comes off well, but a lot does. Even more interesting though are the letters that Bizarre received over the limited time that it was in operation. A constant source of interesting ideas and points of view....

< ISBN:3822892696 > Buy it from

A Personal Note from Robin

I have a nearly complete set of Bizarre magazines in the library, as well as an autographed, two volume set of "Complete Reprint of John Willie's Bizarre" produced by Taschen publishing.

I find great enjoyment in rereading any of these magazines.


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