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Dayton Returns To GanglandNews

Jerry Capeci writes May 4, 2006:

The feds say the Baudanzas – specifically John, Carmine, Joseph and an extended family of seven others – have used good-old-fashioned mob tactics of threats and violence to power a classic pump-and-dump stock scam that ripped off more than $20 million from unsuspecting investors.

To pull off their stock schemes, and other swindles, Baudanza & Company used the clout of three of the city’s major crime families. The Baudanzas are members and associates of the Luchese and Colombo families; another stock scammer in the clan is a Bonanno soldier.

The main enforcer for the group, John, 35, (glasses at right) [with porn star Dayton] is a voracious reader, a history buff, and a devotee of The History Channel.

It’s not a nickname he’s said to favor, but some wiseguy buddies refer to him as Johnny Goggles, referring to the glasses he often wears.

As a teenager, John lived up to his heritage. He and another diehard Yankee fan – co-defendant Craig Marino, who has a Yankee logo tattooed on his chest – terrorized business owners in the Canarsie and Mill Basin sections of Brooklyn, the prosecutors wrote. In 1990, when a patron at a local diner bumped into Baudanza, he and Marino (right) pummeled the man and “then Baudanza pulled out a gun and shot (him) in the back.”

From my January 13, 2003 page
  • There were a lot of Mafia players at the show, hanging out at the Bizarre Video booth and elsewhere. Some of them bookmakers and money lenders. Most of them from New York, like Dom and Craig Marino, some live in Las Vegas. It was like Appalachia, 1957, with this great wiseguy gathering at the Bizarre Video booth.
From my January 28, 2005 page

Dayton Testifies Before Grand Jury

I heard that porn star Dayton testified Thursday before a Grand Jury in New York investigating organized crime. I've been told that Dayton dated John Baudanza, the youngest capo ever in the Luchese family. I heard she also dated an acting boss of a Mafia family.

I heard Dayton hung out with Nicky Glasses, Craig Marino, Keith Gordon (owner of Bizarre Video) at Privilege, a Mafia strip bar in Manhattan at 23rd Street. Maybe John B. Glasses as well?

Belladonna hung out with Mafia guys at this club.

Keith Gordon used to eat at a place called 101 in Brooklyn. He lived across the street. He would pop in to eat with Craig Marino or have a drink.

Craig usually pitches a fit when I write about him in my column.

About 32 years old, Craig is a resident of New York. He was a registered representative at various broker-dealers from 1993 to April 1997. He's also shown up to the AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo) where he liked to hang out with his buddy Keith Gordan at the Bizarre Video booth.

Marino is a violent and fast-rising star in the Gambino crime family.

From my March 28, 2005 page

What's Up With Craig Marino?

A soldier in the Lucchese crime family, Craig would pop into the Bizarre Video booth at the AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo) in 2001, 2002 and maybe some other years. He's friends with Bizarre owner Keith Gordon and various pornographers.

"F----- A," said Craig after I wrote him up. "We were having a good party. I can't believe that guy saw us. I was only in the booth for 15-minutes."

Craig and other made guys used to hang out regularly at Bizarre Video's booth. They liked to party with porn stars. Since I've been writing about them, however, they've become more low-key.

Craig's front business these days is delivering Zone meals -- 30% fat, 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates (such as horse heads).

Have 3 gourmet meals and 2 snacks delivered to your home daily by 6 a.m. by Craig Marino.

Enjoy all of the benefits of having your own personal chef Craig Marino preparing Zone inspired meals for you. In The Zone Delivery is the direct-to-your-door food preparation and delivery service inspired by the best-selling Zone diet.

Craig Marino's service provides New York residents with fresh, professionally prepared, nutritionally balanced meals that bring home the benefits of a healthy Mafia lifestyle.

Since I've gone on the Craig Marino diet, I've lost 20 pounds and I'm feeling great. I have increased sexual stamina.

Gaming Commissions in Las Vegas and Atlantic City don't like it when mobsters such as Craig Marino stop by to party. Someone read my blog and claimed they couldn't find any records of Craig Marino being at any casino in Las Vegas.

Craig and company had to pull back on their Atlantic City partying.

From my May 4, 2005 page

Women R Wild Clubstyle Atlantic City

I'm watching this DVD put out by Bizarre Video. I see Dennis DeSantos, formerly of Bizarre Video, now with Extreme Associates, driving the girls around.

Dennis got beat up for allegedly telling me about Mob guys Craig Marino, Nicky Glasses, John Baudanza and their porn connections through Bizarre Video.

When I met Dennis at the Extreme booth at the AEE in Las Vegas in January, he didn't appear happy to see me.

In the DVD, you see him dirty dancing with Tabetha Stevens.

Blonde nude model "Tiffany Stevens" (real name Michelle) get into the limo carrying a PDA (right before Tera Patrick). She was in the Playboy issue of the girls of MCI/Worldcom.

She went to New York. She got into the lives of various gangsters. She claimed she wanted to get into escorting but then got scared and backed out.

She went to a meeting (feast of Little Italy) with members of the Colombo crime family at a private party at a restaurant downtown. She starts asking everyone for their names and occupations and how they know each other. There were about 50 gangsters there along with Tabetha Stevens and Michelle.

After that, the woman disappeared.

I see Dayton with three mobsters -- John Baudanza with his arms around her, Nicky Glasses (each around 36yo) and Keith Gordon (mid-40s) of Bizarre.

John wears a New York Yankees shirt. He wears thick glasses. Him and Nicky are part of the "goggles brigade."

John gives a thumbs up to the cameraman in the DVD. You can't see his face in the shot.

The common uniform for young gangsters like John is pro sports apparel.

Since JKP booted Bizarre, Keith has had a hard time restarting Bizarre Video. In New York, Keith Gordon was repeatedly warned by his connections not to get into business with Jill Kelly Productions. That they would scam him.

Keith moved anyway to Los Angeles and came acropper.

Tera Patrick got $3,000 to host the video. Tabetha Stevens earned $2,000. And the other porn girls -- Nina Hartley, Alexandra Silk, and company earned $1,000 each.

Marty Rothstein's girlfriend girlfriend Background on Marty and Ted Rothstein. Marty is in his seventies but his girlfriend is in her twenties.

Marty has a niece named Georgette. She's a stripper and drug dealer at the Hustler Club in New York.

From my March 24, 2006 page

Bizarre Video's Keith Gordon's Organized Crime Pals Charged With Stock Fraud

From the New York Daily News:

NEW YORK (AP) -- Members of the reputed Colombo and Luchese organized-crime families have been charged with manipulating the market for penny stocks as part of a broader racketeering case in Brooklyn, federal prosecutors said.

In an indictment unsealed Thursday, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Brooklyn alleges that at least six of 10 men the FBI arrested on Thursday on racketeering charges secretly controlled up to 15 branch offices of brokerage firms in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island.

Through those branches, prosecutors claim they ran a scheme to artificially inflate the price of penny stocks. Many of the branches were in the heart of Manhattan's Financial District, within blocks of the New York Stock Exchange.

Prosecutors described it as a classic "pump and dump" scheme, in which licensed and unlicensed brokers misrepresented the prospects of certain stocks to potential investors, in exchange for large commissions.

The 10 men arrested are: Joseph Baudanza, 61; Carmine Baudanza, 63; John Baudanza, 36; Jerry Degerolamo, 34; Arthur Gunning, 40; Craig Leszczak, 31; Craig Marino, 36; Robert Podlog, 32; Ronald Giallanzo, 35; and Vincent Rossetti, 40.

Porn star Dayton and ex-porner Kenny Gallo know several of these Baudenzas as well as Craig Marino.

Keith Gordon is friends with John Baundanza, who hung out with Keith in Atlantic City. Craig Marino hung out at Keith's Bizarre Video booth at the AVN show in 2003.

Belladonna, Dayton, Kenny hung out with John Baudanza (John Goggles) and Craig Marino at the strip club Privilege in New York. There was a fight. John Baudanza and Craig Marino fought. Arthur Gunning gunned for Playboy model fitness girl Cori Nadine.


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