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Born in the state of Michigan, "Bishop" became an illustrator who studied art in the city of Detroit (Michigan Art School).

His early works that reached notoriety after his beginnings with Centurians Publications, and other assorted early "Scene" magazines created a following, this writer included, that to this day grows larger.

Often referred to only as "Bishop", he is best known for his black and white work, with the use of airbrush to generate texture and sheen to his drawings.

He is considered by many to be the pre-eminent Master of bondage illustrations repeatedly featuring helpless women straining in stringent bondage, usually dressed in latex, and heavily gagged.

Having expressed concerns with the "politically correct yet consensual, "Harmony Philosophy" pertaining to fiction, he directed his endeavors with the House of Milan, and it was with HOM that much of his most published works were seen, including the "Fanny Hall" erotic comic series, and covers for the Geoffrey Merrick, and Frank Campbell novels. The rest is History.

He just followed his natural instincts and pretty much updated his memories of John Willie's work, much in the same way Lucas and Spielberg updated their memories of Saturday matinee serials for their Indiana Jones -- i.e., with a vengeance. In addition to his artistry, he added a strong heterosexual element hithertofore essentially ignored by other artists. In spite of being somewhat revolutionary, he thought nothing of it and was even surprised when asked why he didn't use a "nom de perv" pseudonym like virtually everyone else in the industry. Although "Bishop" was well suited to the genre, it was his real name.

Barb (Barbara Behr) Bish, and HOM were the only game in town until Harmony was created much much later. By then, in fact, Barb was already itching to split off to create California Star and Bish's will was beginning to flag. But prior to that he had created much of the most glorious BD art ever drawn.

He was certainly a loner and a something of a recluse, especially after he left HOM, but he also spent a lot of time prior to that as a motorcycle enthusiast, an avid moviegoer, a comic book fan, and fine photographer.

From my research it is suggested that he was an avid gun enthusiast, though not really a collector, per se. He had rifles and hand-guns which he used for target shooting in the hills, but stopped a bit short of being a collection.

Sadly, "The Bishop" ended his own life at the age of 46, for reasons known but to himself. It is not up to me to either question his actions nor to judge him by them. Each man must do what he feels in his heart and mind.

In reality, "The Bishop" will never be gone from us. His works, and his memory live on.

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