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The bent-over-object position is a spanking position in which the spankee is bent (or laid) over the seat of a chair, bench, stool or barstool, lectern, the back (or armrest) of an armchair or couch, or a similar piece of furniture, gymnastics apparatus, or spanking furniture, such as:

Unlike the kneeling position, which can also be over a (low enough) object, the spankee's knees are off the ground in this position, although he or she is not really standing either. The spankee's feet will be usually touching the ground, but not bear more than a little of his or her weight, if any. It is also possible that the spankee's feet are off the ground when bent over the object.

As nearly all of the spankee's weight is borne by his/her stomach/hip area (depending on the object and exact position, some weight may also be borne by his or her breast and/or hands), it may be a good idea to use an object with a well-padded top, or to pad the top with a blanket or cushion.

The bent-over-object position is similar to the over-the-knee position with the spanker's lap replaced by an object, so that the spanker is free to move around and to deliver the spanking standing. This can be an advantage, especially if the spankee is comparatively heavyweight, and for spanking implements that work better from a greater distance, such as a cane, birch or whip.

Standing variants

In a variant the spankee is standing bent over the back of a chair, placing their hands or forerarms on the seat of the chair. Most weight rests on their feet. Ideally, the back of the chair should be low enough not to press painfully against their abdomen. If an armchair or couch is used, more weight can rest on the abdomen and less on the feet.

In the half-standing position, the spankee is also standing bent over an object (such as a table or desk), but with a bigger horizontal surface to support all of the spankee's upper body.

See also

  • The lunge position is similar, but without an object to bend over.
  • The bent-over position is similar too, also without an object to bend over. Here, the spankee is standing free with his/her full weight on his/her feet.
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