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Photograph of a typical park bench.

A bench is a long seat for more than one person, with or without back and/or arm rests, for sitting indoor (often in rows) or outdoor (as in a park). Indoor benches are usually made from wood and can be padded or unpadded. Outdoor benches are made from wood, concrete, metal, plastic, or a combination of these materials.

Benches and spanking

A simple wooden bench without back and arm rests can be used to place the spankee in a suitable spanking position. The most commonly used positions are the lying position and the bent-over-object position, but a bench, due to its simplicity, is very versatile and allows for many more imaginative positions. Benches also permit the use of restraints such as rope, belts and/or straps, if bondage is desired.

For the historic item of spanking furniture, see whipping bench. There are also more sophisticated modern variants that only remotely resemble a bench: see spanking bench.

Other punitive use

Similar to stools, benches can also be used for time-outs.


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