Behind the Green Door

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Behind the Green Door (Theme: Porn chic)
The "Ivory Snow" poster girl does porn

Behind the Green Door

Starring Marilyn Chambers
Directed by Artie Mitchell & Jim Mitchell
Produced by Jim Mitchell
Written by Anonymous (original story)
Adapted by Jim Mitchell
Music by Daniel Le Blanc
Cinematography Jon Fontana
language English
IMDB Info 0068260 on IMDb
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Behind the Green Door (1972) was the first hardcore pornographic movie widely released in the United States. Directed by the Mitchell brothers and starring Marilyn Chambers as Gloria Saunders, the movie depicts her abduction to a sex theater, where she is forced to perform various sexual acts in front of an audience, with characters including nuns and trapeze artists.

Prior to the movie's release, Marilyn Chambers had modelled for Procter & Gamble and Ivory Snow detergent. After the release of the movie, P&G recalled all products and advertising materials featuring her, unintentionally adding to the movie's hype. Along with Deep Throat, released later in the same year, the movie launched the "porn chic" boom and started what is now referred to as the "Golden Age of Porn." Made with a budget of $60,000, the movie ultimately grossed over $25 million (including its video release, which is controlled exclusively by the Mitchells).

In 1986, the Mitchells made a sequel to this film, directed by singer Sharon McNight and starring a newcomer named Missy (who was Artie Mitchell's girlfriend at the time and reportedly demanded to be given the role). The film, in which all sex performers used condoms and other protective paraphernalia, was a critical and commercial disaster and cost the Mitchells hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The film was made from a short story of the same title, which was circulated by means of numerous carbon copies.


The film makes a cameo appearance in the movie Cannonball Run, when Jackie Chan's character watches it in his high-tech car, leading to an accident.

Probably the first copyright sex film in the USA

I think "Behind the Green Door" is a landmark mark film in the USA, because, organizied crime tried to force the producers to give them a share of the profits and if they refused, the criminals threatened to make illegal copies of the movie and make money thru "bootlegs". The Mitchell Brothers went to court to get the film copyright, and obtain legal protection. The court agreed with the Mitchell Brothers, and "Behind the Green Door" was granted a copyright, (probably the first "hardcore sex film" to be issued one), and the mob was forced to go elsewhere for money.

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