Bedtime spanking

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A young man is spanked like a little boy at bedtime by an old matron, who enjoys his ordeal. Drawing by Franco (2010).
"Bed Time", drawing by Lawrence Kinden (2003).

A bedtime spanking is a spanking given at (or just before) bedtime. This means after the spanking is finished, the spankee is put to bed right away.

Bedtime spankings are typical child spanking scenarios. They are therefore common in child spanking stories and spanking novels, and in adult ageplay.

Common scenario

Usually a bedtime spanking is announced well ahead of bedtime. For example, a child that misbehaves in the afternoon is given one spanking right away and is informed it will get another spanking at bedtime, as a "reminder". The bedtime spanking will often be milder than the main spanking. In cases when the main spanking was given with an implement such as a hairbrush, the bedtime spanking is often only a short hand-spanking, just to refresh the effects of the previous spanking and the memory of it.

Bedtime spankings come with more relaxed and personal connotations than daytime spankings because of the setting (often, in the child's bedroom) and dress (often, barefoot and in sleepwear such as nightshirts or pajamas). Usually the child will be told to get ready for bed, so everything that needs to be done is done. The child may also be given a bath before. Common positions for bedtime spankings are OTK (and its variants), lying on the bed, the side-of-bed position, and the diaper position.

After the bedtime spanking, the child is usually hugged and reassured, then tucked into bed, letting them cry themselves to sleep if necessary. If the spanking was hard (as in some stories), the spankee may need to sleep on their tummy.

In Rejuve Universe

In Rejuve Universe, after particularly hard bedtime spankings, a delta inducer may help the Penitatas go to sleep, sometimes combined with nano-lotion to repair the damage in their bottoms.

Comic example

Here is an example of bedtime spanking in a spanking comic: