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  • Beautiful Bondage Scenes #1 (1980) Emphasizing beautiful damsels in distress lingerie bondage - featuring several spandex hood sequences. Starring Rita Gilbert, Cody Nichole, Candy Austin, Susan Culver, Dianne Jaegger, Sofia Riga & Jennifer West.
  • Beautiful Bondage Scenes #3 (1983) Lingerie, costume and fully dressed bondage. Pia Sands, Sofia Riga, Maria Tortuga, Joanna Stephan, Holly Summers, Doris Kling & Betty Turner.
  • Beautiful Bondage Scenes #4 (1983) Lingerie, costume and fully dressed bondage scenes featuring Maria Tortuga, Pia Sands, Betty Turner, Margarite Partee, Sue Halyard, Laurel Blake, Sofia Riga, Joanna Stephan and Libby Curtis. Photos by Sean Harper, Gad, Kendall & Elliot Markson.
  • Beautiful Bondage Scenes #5 (1984) Bondage stars Libby Curtis, Margarite Partee, Pia Sands, Libby Curtis, Judi Rhodes, Toni Angetelli, Doris Kling, Belinda Browning & Maria Tortuga. Sarah Foster Tate in a photo essay by Atreus "Chess Pieces in bondage". Plus new bondage artwork by 'Coco'.
  • Beautiful Bondage Scenes #6 (1985) Pia Sands (Michelle Bauer) , Belinda Browning, Danielle Demmond, Becky Bonton, Simone Devon, Laurel , Maria Tortuga & Betty Turner, Ginger Jackson, Becky Bonton, Judi Rhodes, Karen Summer, Tina Gentle.
  • Beautiful Bondage Scenes #7 (1986) All Video special. Scenes of barefoot, booted and lingerie bondage from Harmony video programs featuring Laurel Blake, Debra Lee, Simone Devon, Anna Divine & Lisa James.
  • Beautiful Bondage Scenes #10 (1987) Debra Lee, Melina Christopher, Marilyn Dowling & Tiana Cambridge.
  • Beautiful Bondage Scenes #13 (1988) Scenes from Harmony's most exciting bondage videos. Debra Lee, Tiana Cambridge, Marilyn Dowling, Kiri Kelly, Olivia Chase, Susie Marlowe & Nikki Michelle.
  • Beautiful Bondage Scenes #14 (1989) Fascinating photo reviews of Harmony's latest videos featuring Marilyn Dowling, Kiri Kelly, Olivia Chase, Marley Haze & Linda Knight.
  • Beautiful Bondage Scenes #17 (1989) Welcome to the enticing world of Harmony videos featuring Ashley Renee, Brandy Morgan, Kiri Kelly, Lori Kaye, Marley Haze, Angela Santini & Pam Hendrix.

Beautiful Bondage Scenes changed names to Love Bondage Scenes starting with issue 20

  • Love Bondage Scenes #22 (1991) Photo reviews of Harmony videos with Teri Martine, Diane Lacey, Olivia Chase, Star Chandler, Laura Lee, Abby Nash, Jean Casey, Brandi Barstow & Teri Rose.
  • Love Bondage Scenes #27 (1996) Catharine Beaumont, Daphne Meadows, Breeann Barrett, Tanja Wilder, Rikki Parker, Sylja Kuryakin, Tatiana Varga, Bambi Newberry, Janice Michaels, Mary Jane Mather, Amy Sutter, Danielle Simone and Jody Bennett.
  • Love Bondage Scenes #28 (1996) Yvonne, Star Chandler, Simone Devon, Danielle Simone, Daphne Meadows and bondagettes from Australia and the Netherlands.
  • Love Bondage Scenes #30 (1997) Midori Shioda, Olivia Chase, Tasha Welsh, Morgan Phoenix, Star Chandler, Lin Silk, Sadie Atkins, Colleen Endicott, Amanda Styles, Dorothy Laine and Eva Hudson.
  • Love Bondage Scenes #32 (1999) Miranda Capulet, Veronica Byrne, Connie Simms, Cassidy Bryce, Stacy Burke, Eve Ellis, Tasha Welsh, Allison Brach, Tricia Yen, Vena West, Kendra Summers and Hollywood.
  • Love Bondage Scenes #33 (2000) Cleo Nichole, Kelsie Chambers, Andrea Neal, Jessica Eden, Heidi Lynne, Alexis Taylor, Cheyenne Allen, Sass Lynn, Elise Di Medici, Sabrina Stone, Amber Michaels, Lilli White, Gloria Reyes and Jordann Scott.

and Jordann Scott.


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