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Bars and Stripes is a spanking pay site devoted to Women in Prison films. It was created by the UK spanking actress Leia-Ann Woods. The site was established in October 2005, with her good friend and collaborator Michael Stamp (regularly seen on Northern Spanking).

The site's theme is a fictional women's prison in which the inmates are spanked for their crimes and for breaking prison rules. It features photographs, videos and stories. The Prison fantasy is Leia's biggest CP fantasy.

Each person plays only one character and there is a running storyline surrounding Leia and her unfortunate compatriots. Leia-Ann plays Mrs Woods, a tough ganster's moll, Lucy McLean (Northern Spanking) is the resident Matron, Paul Kennedy (also of Northern Spanking) plays Senior Officer Kennedy and Michael Stamp is the Number One Governor. Other inmates featured are Niki Flynn, Jadie Reece, Adele Haze, Saffy McKenna, Sarah Collins, Rhiannon Diablo and Yasmin Garcia.

Membership costs $29.95 per month (or £17.60 per month).



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