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In a nutshell, BackDrop can be described as:

The BackDrop Club is run by its founder, Robin Roberts, and the men and women of the BackDrop staff
We are an organization for people interested in BDSM and adult fetishes and fantasies
Since 1966, we have been holding monthly and annual events, classes and workshops
We have had about a dozen Clubhouses in the past forty years. We are currently in Mountain View, California
When I got out of the Navy in 1966, I wanted to create a way for people to meet, greet, explore and learn about BDSM.
(As an experienced bondage photographer, I felt I had something to teach interested people.)
  • We hold parties (our monthly Open Dinner Party, the BackDrop Slave Auction, etc.);
  • hold classes (at BackDrop and at other venues, including teaching at "The Learning Annex");
  • support the BDSM community (Folsom Street Faire, Folsom Fringe);
  • "spread the word" (Exotique Erotique, TV appearances, "Leather and Lace Fashion Shows");
  • maintain and support informational websites ( and, in the past, the BackDrop BBS)
  • maintain a clubhouse and library (so people have a safe place to meet)
  • create and support a worldwide Resource Guide

More information is available at

Also see the page [ Current events ]
Our address is:
The BackDrop Club
Post Office Box 390486
Mountain View, California 94039-0486

Email address is - Click here to send email

BackDrop Club telephone number is:
Our fax number is:


Club Calendar:
Calendar is at
The SM-201 staff can be contacted through the BackDrop Club offices at 650-965-4499
The BackDrop sessions staff can be contacted at 650-965-4499 or 650-793-3001

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